That is not the same thing at all…but its clever this is real clever, I will grant you that.

1. you changed too much of what I originally said

And 2. Terrorism is not necessarily synonymous with feminism, but anything taken to an extreme is going to problematic.

Terrorist are extreme religious fanatics. Radical Feminists (who I would liken to terrorist) are extreme feminists, and yes they are problematic, I would agree with you on that.

Here is my problem with all of this anti-feminist rhetoric, you keep focusing on JUST RHETORIC, and you keep ignoring practical application. Feminism is a response to relentless physical and sexual abuse that women are subjected to -worldwide.

Each one of you keeps doggedly ignoring that and/or evade responding to that. This makes me wonder, what is your agenda really? And are you maybe, some kind of terrorist? Just the kind that engages in terrorizing women and children? And believe that is no less of a terrorist than a member of ISIS or the KKK. Terror is terror, and it exists in many forms…nowhere so pervasive as in people’s homes.

This is a huge problem in our world. It is a threat against humanity ALL OF IT. (That means the men too, because little boys turn into men and little boys get real fucked up watching their mothers be raped and abused, okay? And do you know what raped and abused mothers do? They allow their little sons to take it in the rear-literally. And do you know what they turn around and do? They grow up and do this to some other little boys. Real talk. I know this to be true.

This is why feminists like bell hooks say feminism is for everybody. It benefits everyone for women to be treated like decent human beings-and that is not so freaking much to ask for.

Women are on humanity’s front lines. Women protect children. If women can’t do this, (because they have been too badly damaged) no one is protecting the kids and so no one is protecting the future or humanity itself.

I keep saying over and over again, I am all about solving these problems. I’m going to use the tools at my disposal, most of which come from feminists, but I am an equal opportunity problem solver. You anti-feminists want to propose solutions to this particular problem? I am so open. Tell me how we should go about it.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!