That is not what I said, and that is not even what I believe, so you too are missing my points entirely.

The hatred for Hillary knows no colorline and is not restricted to any gender. People feel free to despise her and disrespect her in a way that they would never disrespect a male politician of her ilk. A Paul Ryan, for example. Now you made a valid point about Trump, as he has been subjected to a lot of vitriol, (and yes I have engaged) but, he kinda deserves it. He does stupid sh@t just nonstop. and calling someone a conartist and a narcissist is not the same as chanting, lock her up, or calling Hillary a cunt, that is a whole other level of disrespect, and it is offensive to many women I know, just because it is an offensive term to apply to any woman anywhere, for any reason.

My points about race are not about victimhood, quite the opposite. My point is being black I don’t trust Dems or Pubs. I never have. I wont fall for any of the con games, like almost every white person on this thread, YOU included, has. I think Caitlin Johnstone is manipulating the hell out of all of y’all by pressing certain emotional buttons. She may be a real person who is not even doing it intentionally, it’s just that when you get that emotional jolt from hating someone, it becomes addictive.

So maybe she, and all of y’all are here trying to get your Hillary hate fix…in the long run, it’s not good for you, it’s not good for the country, as hating someone only means you love yourself less. So there is that.

But she could also be some made up identity, the Pubs created to keep y’all Dems acting like a bunch of rabid crazy dogs, to distract you from what is really going on right now. Either way, something ain’t right, and because I am black, because I know how this system really works, how corrupt it really is, I am not falling for the con. That was my whole point about it. You don’t get that cause you so worried about being called a racist or sexist. This is new for white people. Y’all don’t want to accept that none of this stuff is real, for your own selfish reasons, but Believe me, as a black female in America, I have moved on. You not gonna con me though. Give that up. That’s the point.

White Americans are at a great disadvantage, because they still want to believe that they can get something out of these systems. Like the DNC is really going to help them. Nope. Like the Pubs are really going to help them. Hell no.

You are beating a putrid, decomposing dead horse, filled with maggots. But have at it.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!