That might all be true, but it pales in comparison to what promises to be the most blatant corruption the White House and the federal government has ever seen in the history of its existence. We are no longer talking about what WAS. That is the past. That is gone. All that matters is what IS. Conflicts of interests all over the place, family members given access and influence over all kinds of things that they should not be entitled to have. All this was outrageous when the Clintons were doing it. But it’s all good with the Trumps? Corruption is righteousness when the Trump’s are doing it, huh…that’s the new right mantra.

No matter what anyone’s political affiliation is, people get angry when you assume that they are so stupid that they will not recognize the corruption in their government because of idiotic distraction techniques. I’m not that stupid. I have problems with ANY and All corruption, and you should too, unless it is lining your own pockets. Then, of course you want to distract attention from what you’re doing.

Working with the Light!

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