That never happens. Illegal immigrants don’t get free citizenship, but they can get very specific type visas that only last for a year or two, which they only receive if they cooperate with law enforcement, which is a very dangerous thing for them to do, all things considered. A lot of them end up dead, behind that. But they are the tools law enforcement utilizes to catch the real criminals, who move millions in drugs, guns and people all through out the country illegally.

All this hoopla about catching the Kids whose parents brought them here illegally? Really? These are the illegal immigrants we should be focusing on? Not the extensive crime rings that are behind a heroine epidemic the likes of which the USA has never seen before? Why isn’t there any discussion about that? How the Latin American cartels are destroying our country and the NRA is bending over backwards to help them do it?

We never ever talk about what the real problems are. Don’t you ever wonder why that is? What’s happening now is only make immigration problems much, much worse. People who are in the trenches trying to do their jobs, can’t. Illegal immigrant Criminals are emboldened and are getting all sorts of passes to target, manipulate and terrorize the other victim illegals who are here. There will be even more beating, raping and killing of these people. And guess what? It spills over. It doesn’t ever just stay within that immigrant population. These criminals are coming for American citizens, the ones who are vulnerable, and when it comes to sex and drugs, that’s the kids. Any kids.


Working with the Light!

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