That was a seemingly balanced take on things. Sad though, that it seems so many elements are in place to lead us down the WWIII path. And when you also throw a Kim Jong into the mix, it’s like wow…things are really unstable, right now.

That ego, going up against a Trump ego…

And there are just so many things going down. Most Americans have no clue about this Yemen raid — what I just read in your recommended article is the most in depth coverage I have come across on it. But most Americans are terrified by huge domestic economic changes Trump is threatening to just about everything — while simultaneously trying to shove his own products down our throats — its surreal. Everyone is hung up over Trumps anger over us not buying his daughters products. Yes. It is troubling, but we actually have much bigger problems.

One of my students said years ago, in America our government doesn’t have to take away our freedoms because it can economically terrorize us. I didn’t really understand what he meant until now.

Most of our government money is collected through federal taxes, if you have a Trump taking that federal money and playing fast and loose with it, which he is threatening on so many levels, the entire system will crash.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!