That would be crazy controversial here in Richmond, the history has been very “white-washed” pun intended. It is not history that many Richmonders are attempting to preserve with these monuments, but white supremacy and racism, that they are calling history…the actual history of this city you have to work very hard to uncover at the library, and in books. When you talk about what the history really is, most Richmonders act as if you are speaking Greek…they pretend to simply not hear it. Honestly, this bothers me more than the monuments do.

Have your monuments, but be honest about what they are and what they represent, be man enough to stand up for the truth of them. If you can’t stand to have real discussions about your history and heritage, you don’t deserve to cling desperately to it, and all the lies you want to tell about it. This is very insulting to my intelligence, as well as anyone who can pick up a book and read.

Working with the Light!

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