That’s absolutely not true. There is tremendous evidence of systematic racism and sexism in America. It is all coming to light, but people (such as yourself) want to believe only the facts that support your version of reality — which is that is absolutely no systematic racism (in a country that was established and built out if the clearly systematic racism that was slavery.) Selling blacks people as objects, raping black women for profit and sport, lynching black men for entertainment, throwing black babies in rivers to feed alligators, this is how systematic racism began and still continues in this country to this very day. You can rail against these facts all you want. They are there, people (and especially black people) are becoming knowledgable about the real American history. You can’t stop this. You can come back with your very limited understanding of the situation, which (believe me I’ve heard it all before) is that black people are stupid, evil, ignorant, dumb people, who deserve to be beaten and killed by the police and thrown in jail for life for possession of marijuana, while a young white man like yourself deserves nothing more than a good laugh with the cops about this minor transgression. In fact you should be able to start on your own marijuana business, like all those new wealthy white males in Colorado. But God forbid a black male in DC try to do the same. He should get the electric chair…and you can believe all of this and still insist there is no systematic racism. Yeah I get it.


Working with the Light!

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