That’s fine. That makes sense, however your furthermore, again makes assumptions. You don’t know who I know. You don’t know what labels these people have been subjected to by whom, and therefore you don’t understand why I take issue with labeling people conspiracy theorists.

You, and everyone who responded to my incredibly vague post, (intentionally vague, because I did not want to get into this bullshit) made assumptions about who gets labeled a conspiracy theorist.

People who think critically (asking questions of Authority, or information presented by “authority”) often get stigmatized with all sorts of labels. Crazy, rebellious, difficult, traitor. CT labeling is just more of the same bullshit. It’s a way to discredit whoever is in opposition to ideas presented by “authority.”

The fact that people are so eager to discredit me and my statements, even when though the initial post, was very vague…and not even something that merited ANY kind of response from anyone, is alarming.

The post was more my opinion than anything…sympathy for Bill Gates is ridiculous. He doesn’t need anyone’s sympathy, in my opinion.

People are questioning his motives, as they should; and I don’t care for painting these people with the broad brush conspiracy theorists labels, and dismissing them as crazy, because that discourages questions.

And the fact remains, lots of people don’t want to question anything…all this labeling, and stigmatizing people who question is about the fear in the unquestioning mind.

Questions seem to cause a certain type of person intense anguish and anxiety…but not asking questions causes the same for others.

Here is what I want to ask those who are taking everything that is being rolled out as fact , how far are you going to go along with, whatever you are asked to do without questioning anything? Where is the line?

Are you willing to take a vaccine with questionable contents, from people with questionable motives? What if that vaccine actually gives you Syphillus? (It’s been done before, this is a FACT.)

People are upset about a lot of things right now, and they should be able to ask questions and get answers. And if the answers make no sense, then they should be able to question those answers without being labeled anything other than curious.

People who have nothing to hide, don’t mind questions. People who feel the need to stomp out any questions, well that makes me uneasy…very uneasy. And it should make everyone so uneasy.

People who have been Big Med’s actual lab rats: (Google Tuskegee Experiment) certainly distrust the motives of that industry. (And that’s most African-Americans because we KNOW all about the “experiment.”)

I am GLAD people are asking questions about EVERYTHING. We are dealing with an industry that has NOT proven itself to be trust worthy, and is, to my personal experience, predatory. Yes ask questions, lots of them. It is the right thing to do.

And if, after answering all those questions people still don’t trust the information and don’t want to take a shot, with the industry’s track record, no one could blame them.

Working with the Light!

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