That’s not true. Not exactly. The media distorted everything. That is what media does this days- and not by any evil intent- but by algorithms designed to bring you what you ask for.

The media is very splintered into extreme bubbles, that tell it’s viewers what they want to hear. If you want the truth, you would know to look at all of these extremes (as you did) and try to find the truth somewhere in the middle.

Yes, it’s true, HRC had all the flaws (and more!) that you mentioned. I knew, I was aware. However, the same is true of Trump.

I looked outside of my bubble at all the information- both of them tinged with pedophilia in disgusting ways- and no media wanted to touch on that. I wondered why that was. All kinds of unsavory truths were revealed, and yet still more deeply hidden- on both sides.

I listened to Trump supporters — and I also knew that the election would be incredibly close — and it was. This is not the landslide that a lot of Trump supporters want to pretend that it was. HRC may in fact win the popular vote.

It was super close, and because of the freaky way the electoral college does its thing, Trump took almost every single state - but narrowly. And if you understand the way these polls work, that was entirely possible. Improbable, but entirely possible. Some of the media was speaking to this improbability- and some of the information reported to pollsters was clearly wrong.

As for all the hype about HRC’s flaws, Trump has just as many. Amazing the kinds of things that people are willing to overlook to justify their vote. Both sides, endlessly did this. I could not clearly do that for either.

They both were and continued to be highly problematic. As for Bernie Sanders, I don’t think he would have necessarily beaten Trump, because what you must realize is that you have the same two groups, divided, pushing against each other, by any means necessary, and the players don’t really matter - they just love this game.

The Republicans were far more determined, this time, than any group of democrats- and were cult-like obsessed with Trump unlike anything any recent US election has ever seen.

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