That’s probably true. But Russia is a former superpower, playing all the same types of grimey games as the US in an effort to regain that super power world status.

So I say all that to say this: Russia fucks with countries, lots of countries for lots of different reasons. So yeah Dems can say Russia, Russia, Russia and always be on to something. That’s why this particular distraction works so well.

So when you say, “Russiagate is bullshit.” I have to say, at this point, most people don’t care. Cause the Russia thing has hindered Trump. That’s done. Just like the Birther thing hindered Obama. It doesn’t matter if it is true or not. Some Dems will believe Trump colluded with Russia all their hearts. Just like Pubs believed Obama was a radical islamists born outside of the US. It’s out there and it has hindered Trump. And to be fair, Trump does so crazy shit, it is entirely possible. But we will probably never know. We got this special investigator, quiet as a church mouse, and that is how an investigation should be run.

What is the truth really? We will never know. That much is clear. So most have lost interest. I think Dems (and maybe even Pubs) who wanted to hurt Trump with Russia have accomplished their mission. And this is the game over here. Your problem is you seem to think that this was about finding the truth…it was never about that.

If any of this was about finding the truth — and we actually found it, we would all be so disgusted. Americans only look at convenient truths that support their positions. Russia love is convenient for some, while Russia hate is convenient for others. But no matter what, Russia is trying to come up, in gangsta formation and so, Russia is no friend to America or any other country really. Why do you keep defending this country? It’s no better than the US when it comes to foreign policy.

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