That’s true, but wtf are you “conservatives” on? Ted Cruz looks and acts like vomit, and feces and urine…in human form. The man is vile and stank and ripe, I bet he smells like a rotting corpse walking. WTF is Texas on, that they’re all like, “He’s our Dude!”

Like WTF Texas? So yeah, Democrats are tripping, as they should be. No one should want to tolerate THAT (whatever Cruz is cause I seriously doubt it’s human) in any civilized nation.

But doesn’t matter. The whole paradigm is crumbling. You see the way these hurricanes are. Non stop destruction of the paradigm, while conservatives go, “lalalalala no climate change, I’m not listening…I’m not listening…”

That’s Basically what these Politicians do when they have no answers — NONE, to problems they created that are plaguing the human race. All those conservative politicians in the South, Florida and Texas, sending money and getting involved in legal fights to suppress information on climate change on the East Coast, where they should have NO political influence, cause they don’t live here, is about them evading accountability, lets their constituents figure it out.

They don’t want people talking about the concept of climate change, because if they do, the southern constituency might figure out how Subhumans like Ted Cruz’s sold out their whole entire city or town for pennies on the dollar.

Good luck with that as your whole city plunged under the water…

People are waking up…figuring the shit out despite all the suppression. Just like it’s too late for these ice caps, it’s also too late for human consciousness…it’s on a roll…waking the fuck up…and anyone yelling and screaming in the streets about either one of those political parties…still asleep.

Working with the Light!

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