DAY 5 — The 21-Day Abundance Meditation Challenge with Deepak Chopra

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Limitless Potential

The Following is a transcript from the 21- Day Challenge Deepak Chopra Wellness Center Abundance Mediation Series. It is being used for educational purposes only.

Meditation for Today — Sat Chit Ananda

Existence, Consciousness, Bliss

The Chopra Center Meditation Instructions Below are Being Used for Educational Purposes Only.

Now let’s begin. please find a comfortable position, placing your hands lightly in your lap and closing your eyes.

In this moment go within, to that place of inner quiet where we experience our connection to the higher self

Let go of all thoughts and begin to observe the inflow and outflow of your breath.

With each inhalation and exhalation, allow yourself to become more relaxed, more comfortable more at peace.

Gently introduce the Sanskrit mantra for the law of detachment, repeating it mentally, and allowing it to flow with effortless ease.

Sat Chit Ananda

Existence consciousness bliss

Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, sensation in your body, or noises in the environment, simply return your attention to repeated the mantra:

Sat Chit Ananda

Existence consciousness bliss

Please continue with your meditation, and I’ll mind the time- and at the end you will hear me ring a soft bell to indicate that it is time to release the mantra.

Busting Up The 3D Paradigms!

So I decided around the beginning of March 2020, that I was not going to participate in a lack scarcity paradigm anymore.

What is a lack scarcity paradigm you ask? Basically, the world we currently perceive. It’s a world where we are steadily believing that there is never quite enough…even worse, it’s believing that the world is threatening.

However, just because we happen to perceive such a world, doesn’t mean that this world is real.

I have been studying, for quite some time now, a text called A Course in Miracles ACIM. At a very minimum, anyone who studied this text would have to admit its lessons are intriguing.

Lesson 128 is this: The world I see holds nothing that I want.

It actually took a very long time for me to realize that this was true! (At least it’s true for me.)

In this world, that we have all created, we tend not to really believe things that are actual spiritual truths. We have the potential to be, do and have whatever we can dream. And yet, the dictates of this world, tells us the opposite…why is that? Honestly, when you really consider this world…it’s rules, how it functions…it just doesn’t make any sense!

In Lesson 128, ACIM says, let go of all the values we have given the world.

Ask yourself, what kind of values have you given the world? Probably values of lack or limitation. Certainly, values of fear. Is that the kind of world that you want? Consider what kind of world you want. Consider what you want? I mean what you really want.

A lot of people, for example want wealth, celebrity status, a certain kind of special love…but when you really closely examine any of these things, and how they play out in this world, do you really think any of this would make you happy? Would it bring you any lasting joy, or peace?

Probably not.

Abundance Consciousness

What will make you happy? What is it that will bring you lasting joy and peace? You have the potential, to pursue it. You have the ability to receive it. What will it take? It will take you knowing what it is and having the courage to ask for it, and the courage to have the belief that you will receive it.

Think of that unified field of consciousness…a place of unlimited potential!

Embrace it! Fully embrace your ideas of abundance. (But get very clear on what they are. That might take some journaling.) But isn’t it worth it? Let’s do it!

Mind, Body, Spirit Activity — Invite People into Your Mystical Magical Space of Abundance

Check out our Day 5 Abundance Activity here.

Love and Light and Inner Peace to You All!

Amli, your Everyday Lightworker

Author of The Way Through, Lessons Learned on Life Love and the Journey.


You can share your dreams of abundance the comment section if you so choose! Let’s keep these thoughts of abundance circulating! Let’s co-create a beautiful, amazing and majestic abundant world!

Working with the Light!

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