DAY 7- The 21-Day Abundance Meditation Challenge with Deepak Chopra

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Welcome to Day 7 of the Abundance Challenge — You have done a full week!

You are busting through those lack, scarcity and fear paradigms ferociously! In no time you will be completely out of 3D! (3D is how I refer to the dimension — the time and the place-of lack scarcity paradigms.)

Let’s talk about one of my favorite topics of all time -

You really do have the ability to manifest whatever you want into your life. You are probably wondering, well, if that’s true, why aren’t I doing that already?

Manifesting is tricky. It is a skill, like any other, and it is a skill that unfortunately the fear, lack, scarcity of the three dimensional illusory plane tricks and manipulates you out of practicing. Its favorite form of trickery? FEAR…false evidence appearing real.

Let’s take our current crazy divoc programming. (Divoc is a certain virus spelled back words. I refuse to give energy or attention to the official name.) But with divoc everyone is sick. Divoc could kill any unsuspecting individual, at any minute! (It’s so scary! We are in a horror show!) We have got a ton of false evidence circulating the globe and appearing very real right now.

If you are paying attention to sickness, you are not paying attention to what you need to be giving your attention to — health! You have been tricked into paying attention to fear, and lack and scarcity. You do not want to attract that! Remember, whatever you give your attention to increases! So only focus on what you want; never focus on what you don’t want. You would be surprised how much peace this brings to your mind.

We actually manifest sickness (or the vibration of sickness) whenever we attempt to make ourselves unreal (undivine). We trick ourselves. We say;

Oh no! I can be hurt! I can be harmed! I could die! I am less than divine.

And because we are always tricking ourselves out of our divinity, it is often the case that we fall sick. Don’t do that. Don’t pay any attention to sickness, focus only on your amazing health!

Manifesting is merely a function of paying attention to, and thinking (and feeling) about whatever you want. For more information on manifesting, check this article on the Law of Attraction. If you want to understand the skill of manifesting, study as much material as you can on the Law of Attraction. It works. The reason it doesn’t work for most people is that, manifesting require a tremendous amount of undoing of insane 3D programming. Usually the only way to seriously undo this insane 3D programming is going into some very serious spiritual study and practices. Understanding spirituality is required (not always, but usually) because understanding you own spiritual nature is the only way to get out of 3D.


It all has to start with you. It starts with recognizing the divinity inside you, despite whatever the insane, fear-filled, three dimensional paradigm around you is presenting.

These Deepak Chopra meditations always have a motto in English; and a mantra in San Skrit (the Language of India). The mantra’s are taken from deeply spiritual Indian texts.

Deepak will direct you to focus on that mantra, (which means mind direction) for 10 minutes. It is important to consider the mantra for these 10 minutes because you are developing an awareness of you ability to use your conscious intentions, from the very sacred space of being- existence, consciousness and bliss.

An intention is a directed use of willpower. Be aware of what kind of positive impact you hope to have on the world.

This is a very broad intention, but this is the predominant energy I want to bring to my encounters, but I like it because it benefits the both of us!

I want to attract peace. I have set an intention around peace. While it may seem quite boring, an intention to be peace and bring peace is a most extraordinary thing; because it is in a state of perfect peace, that the miracles occur. And many of these miracles, will be beyond your wildest conceptions!

A place of peace (has always been for me) the most powerful place from which to manifest. What comes to you…how it comes to you, it will be like the most incredible dream.

Day 7 Activity

Today, on day 7, we will begin to understand the art of manifesting! Click here to learn how to do it.

Love and Light and Inner Peace to You All!

Amli, your Everyday Lightworker

Author of The Way Through, Lessons Learned on Life Love and the Journey.

Working with the Light!

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