DAY 4 — The 21-Day Abundance Meditation Challenge with Deepak Chopra

Welcome to Day 4 — An Invitation to Unlimited Abundance

The Following is a transcript from the 21- Day Challenge Deepak Chopra Wellness Center Abundance Mediation Series. It is being used for educational purposes only.

Meditation for Today — Aham Bramasi

My infinite core is the only reality there is

The Chopra Center Meditation Instructions Below are Being Used for Educational Purposes Only.

Now let’s begin. please find a comfortable position, placing your hands lightly in your lap and closing your eyes.

In this moment go within, to that place of inner quiet where we experience our connection to the higher self

Let go of all thoughts and begin to observe the inflow and outflow of your breath.

With each inhalation and exhalation, allow yourself to become more relaxed, more comfortable more at peace.

Gently introduce the Sanskrit mantra for the law of detachment, repeating it mentally, and allowing it to flow with effortless ease.

Aham Bramasi

My infinite core is the only reality there is

Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, sensation in your body, or noises in the environment, simply return your attention to repeated the mantra:

Aham Bramasi

My infinite core is the only reality there is

Please continue with your meditation, and I’ll mind the time- and at the end you will hear me ring a soft bell to indicate that it is time to release the mantra.

Busting Up The 3D Paradigms!

I decided, around the beginning of March 2020, that I was not going to participate in a lack scarcity paradigm anymore. I’m a lightworker, as well as a long-time student of A Course in Miracles, and I realize that I’ve got to step up my game, and play my part in busting up this 3D lack scarcity paradigm.

What is a lack scarcity paradigm you ask? Basically, the world we currently perceive.

Beyond this world there is a world I want. A Course in Miracles (ACIM), Lesson 129

What does the world that we want look like? Well here is what it doesn’t look like, it doesn’t look like the world we have all collectively created. That world is:

Merciless indeed, unstable, cruel, unconcerned with you, quick to avenge and pitiless with hate. It gives, but to rescind, and takes away all things you have cherished for a while. No lasting love is found, for none is here. This is the world of time, where all things end. — ACIM Lesson 129

I have been studying for quite some time now, a text called A Course in Miracles (ACIM). At a very minimum, anyone who studied this text would have to admit its lessons are intriguing.

Lesson 129 describes the world that we have all collectively manifested, (with our consciousness, being such that it is.) But Lesson 129 also lets us know that we could see something other than this world of lack and limitation.

Beyond this world, there is a world I want. I choose to see that world instead of this. — ACIM Lesson 129

Consider a world of unlimited abundance. Where you could have whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. It has to start somewhere! A world of abundance starts with your thoughts about this kind of world. That is the kind of world we will be thinking of today.

Abundance Consciousness

Who do you know who has manifested unlimited abundance in their life? I’m not talking about material abundance, because often times material abundance is vapid and empty. In order for abundance to actually be real, it has to be infused with spirit. I will show you what I mean.

I’m prone to just yammer on about A Course in Miracles, I love it, it changed my life, it brought me miracles. Sometimes I get tired of hearing myself speak about it. But you have to understand, studying this course, I have experienced so many amazing and miraculous things. This part of my own life absolutely intrigues me. And about to tell you about one of my experiences in miracles.

One of the most extraordinary things that I experienced with A Course in Miracles was, a relationship with a woman who I came to call my ACIM guru. Her name was Marti. She had studied the course for well over 20 years; and as a result, she was like a real life angel. An everyday angel. She was a lightworker, who really brought the light! I was lucky enough to meet her during a tie in her life, where she was fully devoted to teaching people, not only in the tradition of ACIM, but a whole host of spiritual traditions. She had an entire curriculum! And she offered all of this, in her incredibly beautiful home, completely for free!

One of her very good friends, the minister at her Church, referred to her as an entrepreneurial pastor. While she didn’t technically have a church, she created something like a church in her home. And…what at home it was! Because here is the thing about Marti’s home…it was beautiful. And I mean…like you felt like you had entered into another realm beautiful. Heaven on earth…beautiful. As soon as you stepped inside Marti’s home, you felt transported to a place of peace and love and wonder.

Marti was someone who truly understood the concept of abundance. Her home was overflowing with the abundance of so many things, one of which was beauty.

And I suppose, because I am a Libra, the abundance of beauty that Marti possessed and shared with everyone she encountered struck me the very profoundly. When I began studying ACIM at Marti’s home, I was so deeply impressed with the beauty she had, and was so grateful to be able to study this work in such an amazing and incredible space! Marti lived in a very, large and beautiful house, filled with all sorts of unique and beautiful things. For each season, she brought out the most beautiful decorations: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s day…Marti never missed an opportunity to express a unique and almost overwhelming sort of beauty. Sometimes I would arrive in her home and become breathless with the beauty.

And…the smells, always some fresh fragrant flowers from her beautiful backyard, surrounded by gorgeous mature trees, on the acre of land surrounding her House Beautiful home. And you could see this gorgeous natural beauty, in the form of a forest on her property, from the two-story windows in her sitting room. In this amazing space, she led her spiritual group sessions. And my memories of this space, are always bright and sunny, even in the winter. I know it’s not entirely possible that this was the case. Yet and still, that’s how I remember it. Everything was always sunny at Marti’s mystical, magical abundant home. You can’t tell me it was different.

Marti would throw parties for her students for every major event (and quite a few minor ones) marked on the calendar. Some traditional ones, like Christmas, some not traditional ones, like the Winter Solstice.

We would have such fun, such a depth of connection, at these Marti events! Love, laughter, fun! And, at the end of each one of them, Marti would gift us little tokens of abundance, gorgeous crystal tea-candle holders, tiny delicious cakes, wrapped up in a gorgeous little piece of corning ware, or a special poem just for you, Marti was always giving, from her heart abundance and and beauty.

And her teachings! Just amazing! I learned more about A Course in Miracles studying with Marti and her group, in two years, than I had learned in the fifteen years I had studied alone.

I so loved Marti.

And yet…life is change. Sudden changes in my life made it impossible for me to continue studying with my ACIM group. A new job for my husband. A new city for us both. I wasn’t so far away from where I had been, that I couldn’t drop in on the group from time to time. And I did that. But it wasn’t that same.

And then…something truly tragic happened. Many years before, I had even met her, Marti had battled cancer and won! She often talked about that battle and how her ACIM studies really helped her to pull through that. She was clearly a very courageous person…and also, super inspiring, when she spoke of all of her physical challenges with cancer and how she had defeated them.

Maybe six months after I had moved away, I learned that Marti’s cancer came back. Six months after that, I went back to Marti’s memorial.

That’s life. It happened so fast. Marti had everything. Such an amazing, beautiful and abundant life. And then…just like that. It was gone. She was gone.

The memorial was an amazing. It was such a beautiful and moving tribute given to Marti who had led a truly vibrant, beautiful and totally abundant life. And it was a beautiful, amazing day! Thee was this incredible fair in the middle of the town. So many vibrant happy, people, marching in the streets, I’d like to think, just for Marti. She was that special.

Saying good-bye to Marti, I was both happy and sad. I was happy to have even been a part of such a beautiful, amazing abundant life, that gave so much, to so many. Marti’s life was a bright, bright light, that shone in on so much darkness and touched so many so deeply.

But also, I was selfishly sad about my loss. No more beautiful times, with my ACIM group, in Marti’s beautiful house.

I tried so hard not to be angry or resentful about Marti’s sudden death. But I was angry, at who, I didn’t quite know. Not Marti, not really. Cancer maybe? God, I guess. I closed off a piece of myself, for a bit. I stopped studying ACIM.

And I almost missed the abundance around me. In my new town, I had joined a mindfulness meditation group. I don’t know why; it was just something I decided to give a go. I wasn’t into mindfulness. (Not really. I just didn’t get it). I was kind of into meditation, but I has some serious conflicted issues with it! It was like exercise, yeah, I knew meditation was good for me…but I just really didn’t want to do it!

But…I discovered with this mindfulness meditation group that hey! In the right time, at the right place, with the right people…I did want to do it!

And this group ended up being such an amazing, extraordinary abundant group! There was David, the founder, who, much like Marti created this beautiful abundant space, in a park in Richmond, called Maymont. Maymont has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, you would have to see it to believe it. I can only think of one place I’ve ever seen that’s more beautiful.

But, it’s not just Dave it’s everyone in this group, that brings their own sort of abundance. Take Sally, a nutritionist in the group, who grows the most amazing vegetables in her garden and shares the with the group. To taste these vegetables? Well! It’s like the food of the Gods! Like nothing you’ve ever tasted before! So incredible, And then there’s Sid. He gives these brief, but pretty intense lessons on happiness. What could be more amazing than effective, punchy soundbites on happiness? There’s Jeremy and Jay who always bring us the most interesting, engaging intellectual ides to ponder, before and after mediation. And then there’s Ana, who will actually answer me (confidently I might add!) when I ask questions like, “Do trees talk?” All my life when I would say things like this, I’d just be ignored. And so to finally have someone who is willingly to answer me, very directly and plainly (and not react as if I am slightly pyschotic) is an abundance that I can’t even begin to put into words. Maybe the abundance of validation?

With this group, my cup runneth over in abundance. And most incredibly, everything that I lost when I had to leave Marti’s group, I regained that all of it and more, when I joined this mindfulness meditation group.

I didn’t even realize this, however, until I began writing about Marti. I was processing the loss, in my writing, but as the same time, I had to acknowledge, also, what I had gained.

Sometimes we can be blind to the abundance in our lives, and the way the universe loves us so, because we are grieving something in the past that is gone.

Developing a consciousness of abundance requires that we reject the idea of loss. You cannot lose. Yes, things do shift and change form, but, if you believe that an abundant universe is all around you, you will understand that whatever you lose will be returned to you, in better and more expanded ways. Trust in the abundance of the universe, with an open heart, and just see, just imagine how it opens up for you!

Mind, Body, Spirit Activity — Create a Mystical, Magical Space of Unlimited Abundance!

Mantra — Abram Brahmasmi — My infinite core is the only reality there is.

The mantra, my infinite core is the only reality there is, tell us that there is an unlimited, internal source inside of us, and the task is to connect with that. So let’s do that. Let’s first visualize this this infinite source, as the real power behind our lives. Let’s abandon the idea that abundance comes from a place outside of ourselves. Let’s go within, and take a very important step manifesting the unlimited abundance that we desire.

Click here to finish this Day 4 Abundance activity.

Love and Light and Inner Peace to You All!

Amli, your Everyday Lightworker

Author of The Way Through, Lessons Learned on Life Love and the Journey.



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