The Atlantic wrote an article about the fireworks, in a very on the fence questioning vein….a lot of minority communities are saying and could it be true? Is it true?

Due to FOIA, we all know that the FBI and CIA does all sorts of things all day everyday to destabilize any community that is not doing exactly what the powers that be wants them to do. Be good little sheeple, or be terrorized by these nefarious forces. And this doesn’t just happen to minority communities.

In What the Frack a film about fracking-a former CIA, turned corporatists was gleeful about his plans to destabilize the white rural communities resisting the fracking — positively GLEEFUL.

Now…if that’s happening in rural white America, what do you think is going on in black and brown America? Come on! The people America has declared war on since 1616? We know you are absolutely on point with this.

The Loud, Loud, Loud, incredibly cannonball loud fireworks have stopped here in Richmond. Do you know why I think that is? Our protests are happening in an incredibly affluent all white neighborhood (because it’s all around that damn General Lee statue.)

Working with the Light!

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