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Unspash: Simon Watkinson

They entered the time of the Divoc; and the days darkened. There was all this fear around scarcity, lack and illness. There were MM broadcasts about a particular kind of contagion…but to mention it by name would cause censure by the SM controllers, and so no name will be mentioned here.

I am a Light Worker, a neutral observe, in the time of Divoc. I observe, and try not to interact. I see what’s happening though. MM programmers and SM controllers are desperate to lock down the 3D grid, compromised as it is. This is a very forceful attempt.

They’ve shut down movements. They’ve shutdown most places, especially the ones the hold light. They easily shut down people. But most important was to shut down minds and encapsulate them in fear. Thus the days of Divoc were summoned, by any means necessary. The first attempt was through the use of 20.

You see consciousness is expanding and ascending. Consciousness is breaking out of 3D. MM and SM desperately wanted to shut this consciousness expansion down.

They were doing so well when they had hard bans on all the hallucinogenics…but the legalization of one in particular (MJ), has really broadened consciousness! Minds were more open than they had ever been. They were dancing with Lucy (in the sky with diamonds!) MM and SM, being the caretakers of 3D, immediately went to work on a plan to shut down all those opening minds. No dancing in the sky! Not in 3D!

Those refusing to simply accept whatever information MM provided were targeted. They were labeled CTs and were either chastised or mocked. Needless to say, they were being closely watched. An SM flagged a sky dancer, with one word “test.” And when she questioned, “What test?” She was silenced. (True story, cautionary tale).

Don’t ask questions, was the implicit message. They will not be answered. The targeted ones, seeing what was happening, stopped using the words that caused such censure. They began to talk in codes. This story uses such codes.

You will not get a direct mention by name, only a number: 20. But let’s get to the number. The number was 20. 20 was the number of times in the last 20 years that this particular game plan had been rolled out. 20 was also the year…and twice. 20 would hit twice in 2020. It had been predicted.

20 was a scary virtual death lottery. What could be more terrifying? Especially when everyone was reminded of this death lottery around the clock, and everyone was claiming to lose it.

Five people died in my family…in five days. The cause of the days of Divoc was was 20.

Like a modern day bell tolling, except instead of every hour this bell tolled every five minutes (the MM and the SM made certain of that!) Minds were hijacked, as many were terrified that their number would be pulled. Some CTs wondered if 20 was even real, or if it was an operation designed to induce mass hysteria. But even the CTs were uncertain. All they had was questions…and rice! So funny with the rice!

20 seemed to kill some people instantly. And then there were others whom 20 barely touched. 20 seemed to be the cause of all of the fear and darkness brought on by Divoc; but the LWers knew that 20 was just a symptom of a much bigger problem. The darkness had always been there, but now it had to come to light, on a massive scale! It was a lot of darkness. It had to be observed, without fear; and blessed and loved and forgiven.

This was hard though. MM and SM warnings about 20 amped up in force and speed, rolling though consciousness like a freight train. Divoc and the darkness spread like wildfire through collective consciousness.

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Unsplash: Matt Winknett

MM claimed 20 was a microscopic red spiky ball. It could be inhaled, and from there it would absolutely destroy you from the inside out. Your lungs, your heart, your brains, your liver. It would make you part of the legions of the walking dead.

Some suspected, 20 wasn’t real, that it was a cover for something entirely different. Something related to a number and letter that MM and SM absolutely would not permit people to discuss. No, 20 was real. 20 was a death lottery. Believe it or be targeted. Don’t ask any real questions. Don’t you dare even think about the economy, take your stimulus check and shut f up.

MM made it known that it was blasphemy to speak outside of the lines of appropriate conversations. What? Are you murderer? Are you trying to kill people? MM mocked, shamed and humiliated anyone who made such ridiculous suggestions, about the unreality of 20.

Meanwhile, SM controllers would shut down any letter/number talk immediately. There were very limited questions that one could ask about 20, but if you happened to ask about a certain letter beside a number (or perhaps it’s a number beside a letter?) Well you would be ferociously silenced. And, if one dared to stray beyond a certain bandwidth in their discussions of 20, the repercussions would be swift.

MM provided the script. MM being what it is, nicely indoctrinated nearly everyone into following the script about 20. There were only certain things that one was permitted to say about 20. Depart from the script and MM didn’t even have to bother with you, those indoctrinated by MM would handle you for MM. Big Brother was most certainly watching and definitely pleased.

However, there were certain unruly and unpredictable contrarians. Certain world leaders took issue with the script and that certainly did cause some problems. These leaders had followers in the millions. Following their leaders they insisted 20 was just a hoax. They demanded more evidence about 20. But 20 posed a ton of questions, to which there were no answers. It was such fertile ground for Divoc.

Divoc was a black translucent substance, much like smoke, but less visible than smoke. It was dark and entered ones ears and eyes and caused fear and chaos in confusion in most minds. Everyone’s thinking was cloudy. It even caused some people to self-destruct. It was the perfect partner of destruction with 20 (the death lottery). People were terrified of 20 and Divoc stealthily amplified that terror exponentially. No one even bothered to discuss Divoc, as 20 had captured their imaginations entirely.

There were rumors all around the circumstances of 20…again SM controllers allowed for no discussion of these rumors.

One rumor was that it was a hoax. The believers in the hoax, were largely non believers in science. These people were mocked for their beliefs, even when they asked questions that had no answers. This allowed Divoc the opportunity it needed. Divoc corrupted these people’s minds with darkness and fear. These people became angry and reckless.

“Open the economy now!” They shouted. They hated stupid science, they always had. They wouldn’t change now, no matter what MM said. They threatened to revolt even, they threatened that they would use their guns. (They were always threatening that, being dark, even before the days of Divoc.) But now, deep in the days of Divoc their fear and darkness could actually turn into violence.

The backlash against the hoaxers, came from those all about the science. Science, they believed, was absolutely the answer. “Stick with the science!” they admonished! It made sense and all. Science had defeated sickness before, they science lovers had every reason to believe it would work again. The science believer feared that the hoaxers where threatening everyone’s lives with their idiocy selfishness and stupidity, and disbelief in science. And what horrendous people these hoaxers were! Or so the science followers believed. Divoc strikes again! It turned fear into resentment and anger ( maybe even hatred) against those who refused to respect the science.

Even worse were the sacrificers. They were compared to Nazis. “Yes 20 does kill a certain type, but shouldn’t they just die already? We want them to die so the rest of us can live as we like! They’re already such a drain on the economy. Let them die!” These people were so obsessed with the economy, they were willing to resort to de facto murder. This is where the fear of Divoc turned to madness.

There were also fears held by those called CTs. (Such a dirty world! Blasphemy to even mention these types!) Oh how they were mocked, shunned and marginalized by MM and SM. And the people who held their CT fears were often viciously attacked by the masses. The CTs were censored. The CT’s were silenced. The CTs were absolutely not allowed to speak their concerns anywhere, without being completely shut down.

But the CTs were concerned about frequencies and the CTs were concerned about mandatory measures, and restrictions on liberties and loss of bodily autonomy.

They feared the force of draconian and totalitarian measures that were often put in place during days of Divoc. Silencing the CTs didn’t stop their fears from growing. Just the opposite, in fact. The CTs became racked with greater distrust and paranoia. (But just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you!)

This was the whole point of Divoc. It had succeeded in bringing the darkness. It had succeeded in imprisoning the mind and drowning souls in darkness.

Still…there were those who denied Divoc. There were those who held the light. They refused to give in to the darkness. They remained true to the light!

Light workers! Remember to fear not! And hold the light!


Your everyday light worker!

Working with the Light!

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