The earth has cancer…this was a statement my sister made to me about a year ago that resonated with me deeply…and you’ve put into words so precisely how and why that has come about. A real big picture perspective and I’m glad to see that it is resonating with so many. I’ve always felt as if everyone (albeit not everything) was interconnected. But I’ve never been able to put exactly how into words as eloquently as you have here. I’m beginning to get it though…how everyone and everything is interconnected and articles such as this one aid in expanding consciousness. I am beginning to feel my own consciousness expanding in new and unexpected ways. I read an article such as this one and think ah yes, this makes sense. This would not have been the case even a year ago. Where are we going with this expanded consciousness? I have no idea!!!!! But I keep telling myself, that’s all part of the fun!

Working with the Light!

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