All the Energy is Free! Another ACIM Short!

It was such a beautiful spring day. It was impossible to know what was going on in the world, really. Yes there was talk, Corona this, fear that…and yet, everything for me, was absolutely beautiful. I sat by the river, just watching the miniature waves, reflecting and refracting all that beautiful sunlight. It was like magic. That was when this odd fellow approached me, with a large box, that was full of little boxes.

“Aren’t these beautiful?” He asked.

I nodded politely. I really wasn’t interested in casual conversation or being sold anything. I just wanted walk along the river, enjoying the sunlight, the trees…and the spring. And yet he persisted.

“These boxes are very unique and special, but they’re not for sale. If you select one that speaks to you, we can begin. It is, as always, your choice.”

This was an odd conversation, with an oddly beautiful stranger, who had appeared out of nowhere. He was tall, had kind eyes, and was almost luminescent. For reasons I didn’t understand, I continued the conversation.

“What will begin?”

“What you’ve been wanting. It’s arrived.” He said with a loving and wonderful smile. He just made me feel so at peace. Like everything was…and had always been, just fine.

“Select a box…you only need one. Each contains an unlimited supply of energy.”

This seemed like a scam…but an odd one. A box of unlimited energy? No one had ever proposed such a ridiculous thing, before.

“You’ve been led to believe that such things don’t exist. But they do, just slightly beyond your perception. Your vision has been artificially suppressed, for quite some time, but you said:

Above all else I want to see. (Lesson 28)

“And now you can. Now you are seeing many different possibilities. I’m simply offering this one to you.”

I was shocked! He could read my mind! He was doing it very effectively…and he was reciting lessons from A Course in Miracle to me! Who was this odd stranger? An angel maybe? Could this be divine intervention? But before I could fully consider that, my ego poked me: remembered the old adage, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I squinted my eyes in ego skepticism and asked,

“What do you want for this box of unlimited energy? Surely this has a hefty price. Do I have to sell you my soul?”

Unlimited energy? I mean what was that worth? A hundred dollars? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand dollars? Whatever the cost I was sure I couldn’t pay it. And how did it work, this box of unlimited energy? It didn’t even have buttons!

“Have you learned nothing? You’ve been studying for a while. You should know better. Let me not see myself as limited. (Lesson 250.) You have studied all of these lessons, many, many times. The box doesn’t need buttons. You work the box…through your mind. You pay through the acknowledgement that God wants your happiness, your perfect peace.”

“So you give me this box…and then what? It’s like a genie or something? It will give me whatever I ask for?

“Something like that, but there are some stipulations and instructions.”

Oh I knew there would be a catch. There is always a catch with these kinds of things…the monkey paw horror story for example. You could get what you wanted…but always at a cost.

“That is only true in the world ego created. You know fully well, preoccupations with problems that are incapable of solution are the most cherished devices of the ego for impeding your spiritual success. That ego story, is the epitome of that particular egoic device. But it is just a story. I assure you, this box is not an egoic device. Quite the opposite.”

I was still skeptical. All these kinds of stories, tended to be cautionary tales. There was that other one, actually called “The Box.” In that one, an individual would be offered a million dollars if they agreed to open it within a certain time period…but if they did, someone would die…and then the box would be collected and the whole thing would start all over.

“Yet another egoic device, don’t you see through it? The ego is deceived by everything you do, but especially when you respond to the Holy Spirit. This causes the ego’s confusion to increase. The ego will attack you. It will shift from suspiciousness to viciousness, but it’s pointless to attack in return. Do you agree with the ego’s evaluation of all of this? Do you really think this is a killer box?”

I don’t want to…but you know this world…

“Is an illusion. Do you want to find the real world?”

“Of course.”

“There is a reason you have been selected. Your studies have created within you a certain state of mind. We know that you would never agree to open a box, if you believed it would cause the death of another. We also believe your greater understanding of reality, due to your ACIM studies, will assist you in utilizing the box technology most effectively.”

“Well what would you have me do with this very special box?”

“Create everything that is needed and then give it all away. This box technology is for giving.

“You’re giving me a box of unlimited energy…and whatever I create with this energy…you want me to give it away?”

I wondered what the point was.

“You still aren’t quite understanding. God has given you everything. We are simply asking you to expand God’s gifts by sharing them. Only those who have a real and lasting sense of abundance can be truly charitable. Once you create abundance with the box, you must give it all away. These are the stipulations.”

This seemed like, a whole lot of work for me, with very little to gain. I was going to get a box that could create anything, but whatever I created, I had to give away. Talk about a Catch-22.

“Oh, ye of so little faith.”

I’d heard that before! Was this Jesus? Was this odd stranger Jesus! Was Jesus giving me a miracle box?

“Where you look to find yourself is up to you, but remember the Kingdom of Heaven is you. You are having tiny glimpses of understanding, this is why we have selected you.”

He held a box out for the taking. One with a little bird on it. A sparrow I believe…his eye is on the sparrow. Another one of my favorite bible versus. I took the box tentatively…wondering what Jesus would request in return.

We have no use for your money. It’s a ridiculous and artificial thing, created by all of your dark egoic constructs. What we want is what is of real value, your energy. Your full understanding that your mind is very holy.”

He smiled and handed the box over to me. He also provided an envelope, and said,

“These are your instructions. Use the box technology, and your energy, wisely. I shall return in a week to check your progress. Once you complete phase one, there will be more instructions and more boxes.

And as he began to walk away he shimmered into a million brilliant bits of light. I called after him,

“Jesus! What do I create? Who do I give what? How do I know who needs what? I don’t know how to do this! What if I have questions? I need more guidance! More help! I don’t want to mess this up! Please!

And as he disappeared into the everything all around on this lovely spring day, the sound of his voice reverberated:

Be you in charge. For I would follow You, Certain that your direction gives me peace.

I could not believe it! Jesus hit me with the very last lesson, lesson 365, the end of the course. He was telling me, basically, that I was ready! But was I?

I guess I’d find out! (To be continued…

Working with the Light!

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