The hypocrisy is a little astounding, though not in the least surprising if you truly understand the way white privilege has operated in America. A very simplistic version of it, is this: anything that white people do or are associated with is good, while anything that people of color do or are associated with is bad.

Things like circumstances, condition, oppression, institutionalized racism, war on drugs, etc aren’t really permitted into this extremely simplistic equation.

Okay, here is where it gets tricky though, what if white people are doing the exact same things that people of color had been doing all along (because economically they are being subjected to similar conditions) How can you, with integrity, say behavior that is bad from people of color, is good now that whites are engaging it?

Well…there are ways.

Now that white people are confronted with the exact same problems, as they are being faced with the exact same economic pressures, and some of the exact same epidemics (heroine epidemic for example) the behavior is no longer “bad” but something that must be empathized with incessantly. Drug addicts are not to be criminalized , but treated. (Isn’t that quite a switch.) We no longer have these same kinds of discussions about the boot straps, or personal responsibility etc.

I personally always though the personal responsibility discussions were bullshit, but it is amazing that we can still have these sorts of conversations about people of color, while never broaching that topic of discussion with whites facing similar dire conditions. For them, again, it is all about empathy, and understanding for their losses and personal responsibility and bootstraps don’t factor into the discussion.

Outrageous hypocrisy, but typical.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!