The kick back to your statements, telling. Hell yeah this is Nazi Germany and has been for quite sometime…the only difference is that it used to be that the US Concentration Camps, i.e Prison Industrial Complex weren’t filled with little kids, but just adults. Mainly ones of color, and/or poor ones.

But all the hysteria about how you’re being so ridiculous, me thinks they protest too much. There has been much outrage over here about the immigrant children being put in cages and shipped out to god knows where for god knows what (most likely slavery-sexual and otherwise) but also countless counter outrage along the lines of “how dare you suggest we are Nazis! We’re only putting kids in cages and destroying their lives!”

Are you kidding me. At least own it. Own the evil and soullessness, and say “you know what, I’m a small-minded, deeply fearful, able to justify and sort of evil for my own comfort sort of fellow and proud of it.”

Don’t duck and dodge and hide and try to claim any moral authority. Just say, “yeah, I’m a Nazi, and proud.”

Let’s leave it at that. False moral protests are deeply unnecessary. No one believes them, not even you.

Doth protesting too much…

Working with the Light!

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