The kingdom of heaven, it is here, it is now. What does that mean, and why does no one believe it? Certainly most Christians don’t.

People think when Jesus spoke like that, he was just throwing around empty platitudes.

He wasn’t. He walked on water. He turned water into wine. He was able to bend reality in this way because he understood it’s illusory nature.

When we talk about Jesus, we never talk much about these things. Why not? Do you ever wonder why not?

Christianity is a multi trillion dollar industry, so much to talk about, but not the miracles, not him telling everyone they could do them. Never that. Naw…Christianity is all about sin and fear, and some man deciding what God wants you to do. And God being mean and jealous and smiting people. Doesn’t sound like God…sounds like Trump. Hey, maybe that’s why the evangelicals love Trump. They probably think he is God.

I don’t know. Some Christians sort of get it, most do not.

Working with the Light!

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