The Mandela Effect

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Unsplash: Anders Jildén

JC Penny or JC Penney?

Well? What do you think? I know It’s the first! I absolutely know this! But guess what? Not on this timeline. Even though I know Ishopped at JC enny, many, many times, in this current universe, on this time line, there is no such place. There has only and always been JC Penney.

What has the Mandela Affect Changed?

1. Historical Events;

American Popular Culture

Now this effect (while bizarre) seems innocuous enough. You can find a virtually endless amount of very, very subtle Mandela effects in books or films or songs or TV shows. It’s not huge…but it is odd, especially since, millions are noticing the small changes. Here are few.

Corporate Names, Products and Logos

Okay, so JC Penney falls in this category. But, they aren’t the only ones. Apparently, several corporations have either slightly change their names, their products names or their logos. Especially the cars. The Volkswagen logo really freaked me out, because (mush like JC Penny) I know, I know, I know, (because my parents had a Volkswagen) that there was no line separating the V from the W. But…this is small stuff. I mean arguably it would be simple for a mind fracker to change all of this stuff. You know just gaslight people…psych them out. Here are some disputed items:

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This is the VW logo I remember

Human Body Changes

Now this one is particularly weird! Apparently the structure of the human body has changed. I mean what are we to make of this? (For those of us who remember the other kind of body.) How does this impact human health? I mean, people have concerns about:


I’m not good at geography, so most of this is lost on me, but the area around Australia, apparently has always been called Oceania? Like no! I have no memory of that! (But Oceania was a continent mentioned in 1984…maybe that fiction was programmed into our current reality.) All the continents are apparently moving around and losing and gaining nations.

New Animals

There are now new strange species of animals being discovered daily…except others insist that they were always here. Ever heard of a Fox bat? Me neither. They are freaking huge.

Historic Events

It’s not all harmless. The Mandela effect seems to be changing history and the past. The effect with Nelson Mandela did not impact me, because as far as I know, everything I know about Nelson Mandela is consistent with my memory of the past and my reality.

The Statute of Liberty

We’ve got a statue of Liberty. Everyone knows that. Where is the Statue of Liberty located? Did you say Ellis Island? Yeah, nope. The statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island…always has been. Google it. There is an Ellis Island, however, it is an entirely different island.

The Fragility of the Space Time Continuum

Okay, maybe it’s not the Matrix thing. Maybe we are real (whatever that may be) and maybe the CERN scientists have opened up the space/time/reality continuum (whatever that is) by colliding their particles (like seriously I don’t get why smashing some atoms together would lead to time collapsing in on itself) and as a result, different timelines from multiple parallel universes have merged.

Working with the Light!

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