The only reason people were saying “no facism” is because they have no idea what it is. The term is synonymous with Hitler and Mussolini…and the term to be fair, isn’t easy to understand.

A dictatorship, where all opposition is oppressed, and all commerce is under the dictator’s control is a very simplistic definition of fascism.

Even still, that does not seem to be the case entirely here in America but we are definitely on the way to a fascist state, under a Trump dictatorship.

All Americans are nonstop indoctrinated into the idea of a free democracy, so telling us we are a fascist nation, under dictatorship, largely falls on deaf ears because of all of our indoctrination.

Take Portland, Oregon. The civil unrest there is allegedly (because who knows what is true these days) being caused by Antifa. All mainstream media is labeling Antifa as a “domestic terrorist group.”

Antifa, stands for anti-fascist, though. And Portland is protesting (mainly) about the eradication of civil liberties that have been promised to us under our so-called democracy. So people who defend democracy are ironically enough being demonized and labeled terrorist. Half of the country believes they are…maybe even more. This shows that most Americans have no idea what the fuck a democracy even is or how it is supposed to function.

In a democracy an anti-fascist is A GOOD THING. Most Americans, however are clueless about fascism or anti-fascists. They believe that Antifa is a threat to democracy, when really it is the opposite.

The problem is that we have been indoctrinated into the idea of a free democracy, but not really educated as to how it is supposed to work. Most Americans have no idea how this democracy is supposed to work. If they did they would/should be appalled by the wrecking ball that has been taken to it over the last 20 years at least.

The Democratic structure that had been put in place over 200 years ago, has been destroyed at least halfway. The Republican Senate, for example is an enabler of tyranny. The Democratic Senate appears to resist…but who is to say that isn’t all for show. They don’t resist very much; and they too enable tyranny.

The judiciary is being tampered with ungodly by the tyrannical Republican Senate…and all the political scientists types know America doesn’t have a President anymore. We have a tyrant, a dictator, who adores other dictators.

So one branch of the functioning democracy (the executive) is completely gone. This includes all of the federal agencies; and they hold a lot of power, like Homeland Security for example. Before deploying Homeland Security to occupy a city, the executive branch should, at a minimum check with Congress and the Governor of the state…As the states have rights too. But this isn’t happening. Trump has completely overridden those other branches of government. While the Republican Senate knows this is a fucking horrible thing for Trump to do, they largely don’t care, because well fuck Portland, and fuck Oregon. If it’s not their state, they really don’t care.

The legislative branch is 5o to 70% gone. The same is true of the judiciary.

Most Americans have no idea that we even have three branches of government that are supposed to check against each other and prevent fascism and tyranny. To prevent Trump from going into a city or state and declaring war in it, because Democrats live there.

All most Americans know is that this is a democracy…and they don’t understand why it’s not working. We vote. We have been told voting makes a difference. It doesn’t.

This is because of dysfunctionality in the three branches of government that have become unbearable, untenable and unsustainable.

It used to be that the judiciary was pretty solid and incorruptible. Trump’s attack on the judiciary and the rule of law has been swift, vicious and ruthless.

The legislature has been highly problematic for the last 2o years at least.

And the executive branch? Well it used to be that the executive branch kept Americans satisfied, while starting wars overseas. Now, the executive branch is starting these wars at home, because there is no way to satisfy Americans under the current circumstances.

These are the political conditions that exist that ultimately cause fascism. A corruption of all three branches of “Democratic” government.

Your economic explanations (which are interesting) sound pretty logical and probable to me. But, with very little background in economics, I am largely taking your word for it.

I’ll tell you this much, after the crash of 2008, I knew America as we knew it was over. I knew it would be about 10 years before the country fell into dire and abject poverty; but I knew it was coming based on the games we were playing with the money.

I told a pen pal in Ecuador as much…he said you Americans are always the last to know…but yeah…you all are joining the rest of the world…and the struggle is real.

I knew that it would impact our political system…I didn’t see fascism taking hold though. I thought we would just keep a fake do-nothing Democracy.

Your explanations of the rise of fascism here are very sobering. To hear you explain it, it almost seems like there was no other choice. Sigh.

Working with the Light!

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