The point about words is a valid one, but honestly? And I’m not trying to be judgement or blamey here, I’m trying to be real: I feel like what you are asking is like a line from a Sheryl Crow song: “lie to me. I promise I’ll believe.”

When it comes to racism in America, most white people who aren’t blatantly racist (cause some are, and could care less if you accuse them of that) just want everyone to lie to them about racism.

And it’s unhealthy for everyone (yes even white people). It especially unhealthy now, because the economic model that benefitted from the mythology of white supremacy in place IS GONE. IT IS GONE WHITE PEOPLE. So please understand that the system that held this mythology in place is quickly crumbling and soon will be gone entirely.

Unfortunately, white people are just waking up to this now, so it is very traumatic for them. But honestly, is lying to yourself and EVERYONE else, about this system that is crumbling going to help White people in anyway shape or form? NO!

White people need to face the truth about racism in America-FOR THEM! Not for minorities. They need to get a clue! First of all that a system that has erroneously benefitted them for so long, is crumbling. Can’t economically rely on whiteness to get over — that is DONE.

So now what? Get a clue. Understand globalization, that it’s not going anywhere, and that it really requires understanding “diversity” or multiculturalism and how to economically navigate that landscape.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!