The problem with LoA is that it isn’t something that you can study, it’s largely something that you think and feel at unconscious levels. It trips people with higher IQs up for sure, because they want to use thought only and don’t recognize the importance of emotion — and when the thought only approach doesn’t work around LoA, the manifestors underlying emotions become negative. Bad emotions are very toxic for one’s health. Believe me, I know from the personal experience of holding too much anger inside, years of depression which finally manifested into very serious illness.

LoA has worked for me extremely erratically. It was only when I began to really analyze when it worked for me that I began to get it: LoA worked for me when my thoughts were strong and my emotions were desperate, which doesn’t seem like a good emotional state (desperation) but the desperation was laced with real belief and expectation; and that was why it worked. I learned this thinking/feeling pattern in childhood, so it was really deeply programmed into me.

Well…I didn’t want the only time LoA worked for me to be when I felt that way, so then I began to work harder at changing the emotions behind my LoA efforts. It’s a work in progress.

Honestly, it takes a lot of mental energy to examine all of the barely conscious (or sometimes extreme conscious) mental scripts we run around lack. And for me, it takes even more work to develop positive emotions because I am not in the habit. My resting emotional state is usually neutral or negative.

I have a brilliant friend who is, right now suffering from extreme poverty. She is absolutely brilliant! So why is this? She spends a tremendous amount of mental energy telling herself she will never be paid what she is worth because she is black and female and the world doesn’t value her skills and on and on and on. While she tells herself these things, she feels terrible. I have worked with her on changing the script, but its exhausting and draining and people who run these kind of scripts are isolated and avoided for just these reasons. Their negative thoughts and feelings drain other people.

I have another friend, also brilliant not in that intellectual way, but emotionally. This is someone who will draw done $10,000 checks on a whim!!! She works when she feels like it! She always enjoys her work! She always has whatever she wants and needs and more. What is the difference? The second friend is able to make herself feel good about almost anything! We took a trip to the dollar store and she was giddy! I’m like it’s a dollar store. 😒 But she’s fun to be around and always has an abundance of so many things! She inspires people.

But see that’s why manifesting works so effortlessly for her, while my manifesting ability lags behind hers, I can’t embrace every aspect of life as though it is amazing. She does. She stays in higher vibrations.

As for me, I’m in the middle of those two friends. I used to roll back and forth between extremely positive thoughts and feelings and extremely negative thoughts and feelings — which always yielded mixed results.

Now, I am more in the mode of detachment. This is for me a more recent level of spiritual development. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t that’s okay too. It was an extreme spiritual experience that led to this detachment…and it is hard to say where it is taking me, I have no idea! But I simply don’t want things anymore the way I once did. I can’t really put the energy and effort into LoA that I once did, because I no longer find any given material thing compelling. I am much more attuned to that which is intangible now, like positive experiences.

But, I say all of that to say this: LoA definitely works. People who are right brain dominant and emotionally intelligent have the advantage over those of us who reside in the logical, linear left brain. Those people are much more skilled at feeling their way into whatever they are attempting to attract; and you have to feel you way into it, you can’t think yourself there. Feeling is the most powerful aspect of LoA.

Now here is the irony of all ironies, because of my recent detachment (as well as other recent experiences I don’t care to get into) I suffer from attacks of anxiety- which I never did before.

In order to treat this anxiety, I downloaded an affirmation app on my phone. This app feeds me positive messages all day long. It reduces my anxiety greatly and also puts me in a manifesting mode, because it forces good thoughts and then the good feelings follow. This is a way of hacking my thought/feeling response system, which has been whacky my entire life!

The biggest problem with LoA is that it is not the water we swim in. We don’t grow up in families, schools or communities that teach us we can truly change or reality simply by what we think or feel. We grow up being taught the opposite, reality is what it is and we are victims of it. To go against the predominant thought paradigm on this takes a tremendous amount of of mental and emotional work, that is like swimming against the current. People who are goal oriented set up their vision boards and approach LoA, like a project — but it won’t work via that mindset and when it doesn’t the goal oriented people get frustrated; and then frustration is the predominant emotion around the concept and yes that will definitely make you sick.

What helps me the most, is watching people who are making the law for them work well or weird. Actually it’s the weird that convinced me most.

Some people will attract the same weird things into their life over and over and over again! And I say to myself, “how does this really weird thing keep happening to them?” They are attracting it, with thoughts and feelings. Watch for the weird that pops up in your life, and you will have to admit to yourself: you know what? This is me! I’m doing this weird stuff!

Well, I hope this was helpful. As someone who has sort of figured it out, I just wanted to share my insights. To give you an idea of what I have manifested here is a list: elimination of huge sums of debt, huge lump sums of money, two houses, a car, a certain type of vacation annually and most importantly freedom. Now, when I list it out it seems like a lot and I guess it is.

Yet and still, I’ve not manifested what I really want and I used to long for it, to the point of making myself sick; and that is a certain type of career and a general overall feeling of security, well being and abundance. The last one is entirely my own fault. There is no need for me to have so many constant depressing or anxious thoughts, I mean just look at that list of accomplishments! And yet, the negative thoughts persist.

I have been told this is a function of higher intelligence, as intelligent people scan the world for problems so they can figure out ways to avoid them. I definitely do this. I am trying to stop but it has been a life long habit. So, for example, I had to stop paying attention to anything Donald Trump and Co. is doing. It may seem fool hardy, but it makes me less anxious and basically happier.

But don’t feel frustrated with yourself for not getting LoA. That’s sort of like saying, I am frustrated with myself for not turning that water into wine! Most people can’t do it because it requires an understanding of a nature of reality that none of us have been taught. You are basically saying I want to be able to do what Jesus did…Jesus was highly spiritually evolved, and most of us are not. My point is it’s a ridiculously high expectation you’ve placed on yourself, like having just learned to add you want to jump to quadratic equations.

Give yourself a break! Applaud yourself for having attempted to make the leap at all! Most people won’t or can’t even do that! You did learn something, and perhaps all that you learned is working things out for you now. You just bought a house, didn’t you? Come on! Congrats! You are creating a reality that works for you!

Working with the Light!

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