The rationalization of anything is the kicker…and I mean ANYTHING…someone just responded to me that God is cool with killing kids. I notice you nicely cut Judaism completely out of the equation. Abel please, these three con games are totally cut from the same ragged cloth.

Even the Hindus and the Buddhist can rationalize the hell out of bloodshed.

Religion has become a huge problem on the globe.

Personally, I think all the religions start out with the best of intentions, but like anything else, they get corrupted. Religions become breeding grounds for dark demonic forces that hide behind self-righteous piety.

I think this needs to be called out wherever it happens to manifest, in the Christian Klan, in the ISIS Jihadist, and let’s not forget that super overzealous kill every Palestinian man, woman and child Zionists. It ain’t right to kill people and this ain’t of God. If you believe it is, you are following a soulless psychopath, I guarantee it.

Working with the Light!