The Red Pill — The Mandela Effect — What is It?

Welcome to my new series The Red Pill! I am so glad that you are brave enough to join me here. This is a series where we will question everything. The nature of reality, especially. So down the rabbit hole we go. Ready for the depths? Maybe. Maybe not.

Let’s see shall we?

And so…let’s begin unraveling our illusory reality. All you have to do, now though, is look around. (You don’t even have to take the pill!) Let’s start this journey with The Mandela Effect.

What Is It?

It All Started with Nelson Mandela

In 2010, a woman named Fiona Broome and a group of friends were having a typical conversation…you know the kind where you touch on this or that, just random stuff of interest. Somehow the group ended discussing the tragic death of South African Human Rights Activists, Nelson Mandela. One problem though, in 2010, he wasn’t dead.

Half of the people in the conversation, however, swore that he was! They all had a handful of very specific memories with regard to his death. He had died in prison in the late 80’s or early 90s. There had been a televised funeral, protest riots and a moving eulogy by Nelson’s widow, Winnie. He had never become president of South Africa, as others in the conversation were insisting. That was just crazy talk, to half of the people engaging in this conversation…and yet the other half insisted that Nelson Mandela was absolutely alive and well…and incidentally had become the President in the late 1990s!

Well of course this major dispute had to be (and certainly could be) resolved, right? All they had to do was check the records! Certainly there are historic records, everywhere, to back up these sorts of historical events. This issue could be easily settled. And so it was. In 2010, Mandela was very much alive, much to the astonishment of the Mandela grievers. But Broome and her cohorts simply could not shake the feeling that Mandela was dead. They knew it in their bones. They had vivid memories regarding all of it.

How do you explain such a thing? A mass faulty memory? That is the most rational and typical response to the Mandela effect. You remembered wrong! It’s just that simple, people will tell you. But for some people, that response is infuriating. Especially when it happens to you. I should know, because it happened to me.

JC Penny, it’s a store we all know. Certainly, it’s a store that I know, because I once had a JC Penny credit card. I wrote several checks to JC Penny. (Back in the days when checks were actually written.) I know that I did not, endlessly misremember the name of this store and write the wrong name on those checks all those years. But guess what? Apparently, I did. If current reality is accurate, I had to. Why? There is no JC Penny. In fact, there has never been a JC Penny.

There has always and only been a JC Penney.

What the scallop! When I realized that the name had been changed (check the extra e at the end), I decided to do some research. Money Bags 73 (I know such an official sounding name) does a pretty good job on his You Tube channel of researching the various Mandela Effects. Check out this one on JC Penny:

So, with that, I thought it was pretty obvious what was going on. Google was fracking with us! (Psyop) But why would Google do such a thing? Why would Google gas light millions of people over something so simple as the name of a corporation? What did this mean? Why the random crazy making? (And my Mandela effect discovery happened in the summer of 2016, before the fake news craze really amped up.) Well…I decided that I was not going to be mind-jacked by Google! So, having been a JC Penny/Penney customer for years, I resolved to simply check the manufacturing tag of one of my JC Penny products, absolutely certain that the tag would say JC Penny. Guess what? The tag read JC Penney!!!!!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Was I ever freaked. It wasn’t just information, the very fabric of reality was being tampered with.

What else had changed? What would change in the future? I began scouring the Internet, researching this phenom in earnest. In my search I learned that a variety of things are changing in our reality, every day. So far, Mandela effects have limited themselves to a few random categories, but some of the changes, (like the one involving Mandela, are pretty freaking drastic!) So let’s examine the categories.

A List of All Things Mandela

The Mandela effect only seems to impact certain things, but as so much is unknown about it (and it’s not being seriously studied by anyone other than curious people like me) it’s almost impossible to know what the impact has been, is or will be. Also, the Mandela effect is theorized to play with time, or have punctured a hole in our space/time continuum. We may not even know what we don’t know, as the information may have been lost in time or space. The effect seems to impact:

1. Historical Events;

2. Popular Culture (especially American):

3. Corporate Names, Products and Logos:

4. The Human Body:

5. Geography; and

6. New Species of Animals.

So What Of This?

Is this not insane? If this seems to bizarre to be true, follow up on Broom’s site on the effect, or the discussion board on Reddit. What does this mean? There are several theories. Some of the obvious questions being asked are what is causing this and how is it impacting people?

Let’s briefly entertain theories on causes. The causes have been theorized to be:

  1. Nothing — it’s all in people’s heads. People have bad memories.
  2. Nefarious Elite Powers — playing mind games on the masses, the purpose is to start wars or brain wash people for some other destructive ominous series of events.

3. Glitches in the Matrix. We are essentially inside of a computer program, and there is a virus in it, randomly changing things, or something like that.

4. Science — Scientists at CERN (with their pesky Hadron Collider experiments) have caused parallel universe to collapse and collide destabilizing and damaging the fabric of space and time as we know it! (This one is the scariest one and also the most popular.)

5. Spiritual Ascension — The earth itself is ascending into an entirely new dimension. Some of us are going to a new earth, and some of us are staying on the old one. Determining factors? Choice and karma.

Given all this weird information around the Mandela effect, how are people coping? Now that is what I find weirdest of all. Most people are just ignoring it. I don’t know how they can. It really freaks me out. A small group is questioning it playfully, and another small group is freaking out over it. There are discussions around why people react differently to it, and what this could mean for the people. Here are some common themes: Recognize the glitches? You are awake and are ascending to the new reality. Ignore them and act as if nothing strange is happening, you just might be stuck the old earth.

Well, if the earth is ascending, I want to go! Scotty beam me! (Believe it or not that’s an effect, because in this reality, Captain Kirk never said that to Scotty.) So I am questioning the effects, closely. Why are we seeing the sorts of changes that we are seeing? What else can we expect to change? And why? Those are the questions I’ll answer in my next installment, of the Red Pill Mandela Effect - The Most Troublesome Instances.

All right now. Go take that blue pill, if you need it. Back to your ordinary reality. (Whatever that is, if you can find it.) Hold on as best you can.

Working with the Light!