The result is that many of us just don’t believe them, any of them, USA Today, Facebook, the New York Times, The Washington Post. We are seeing them for what they are: vast propaganda machines, out for profit, out for the commodification of the human being. And so we don’t trust these machines. So who can we trust? Who should we trust? Ourselves and each other. Thank you for writing this. We hold the truth we are looking for. We just have to keep sharing it with one another.


You gave the Fact checker the benefit of the doubt. I don’t. These “fact-checkers” clearly have an agenda. It’s pushing the narrative of the profit makers. It’s an anti-life agenda, that puts profits above life, all life, (human life, animal life, plant life) and by a large degree. It needs to be called out for what it is.

Working with the Light!

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