The rumor is there have been several and all have been suppressed. Research it a bit.

There have been many alternative providers outside of the American Medical Association, who have successfully treated cancer, and brought many successful alternatives to the market, and yet they we’re harassed ruthlessly by AMA and other industry heavies. Cancer treatment (not cure) is a trillion -yeah I said -TRILLION-dollar industry. And the medical industry was not about to allow a disruption in that. They weren’t going to be ubered out of those trillion dollar profits. Not a chance.

Every other country knows how corrupt our healthcare system is; how we pay astronomically for inferior service largely because the system is absolutely devoid of any of the free market checks that require a good product or service be delivered. Until that is fixed, it will be crap. The current system has a monopoly on providing crap. We get communist goods at unchecked capitalist prices.

Rene Caisse is only one OF MANY who had discovered herbal cures for cancer. These cures are a fraction of the cost, far less painful and invasive and have been recorded as being far more effective. The AMA has destroyed the reputations of many of these practitioners, baselessly. But when you really delve into the alternative treatments that have been out there, it becomes really clear by the way the AMA targets such individuals, it is deeply threatened by the idea of a cure. When it comes to cancer treatment especially, people should have a choice. And if the alternative choice is cheaper than the traditional (it almost always is) insurance companies should honor that choice.

Instead, the insurance companies are in bed with these corrupt industries, and charge people higher premiums to offset the outrageous costs. The entire system is a racket.

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