The same emotional biases she ever had are showing, it’s just that this time, she’s not directing that anger at Hillary Clinton or the Democratic Party. (Which is pretty pointless anyway.)

This time, she’s actually, and not even all that angrily, taking a shot at the insanity of conservative media, how extraordinarily racist it is, that it makes up lies about murdered black people to prevent it’s viewers from ever considering the humanity of black Americans. To force them to think of us as less than human. They have got you under their spell clearly. Your emotional bias is showing.

As for Caitlin, this is the most serviceable piece to humanity that she has ever written. Because her audience is a gaggle of racist white Americans it didn’t go over all that well. I knew it wouldn’t. Sad to see such extraordinarily predictable racism, from her crew.

She maybe thought she could get you to consider your humanity, but she was wrong.

Working with the Light!

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