The same rule of law Jeff Sessions was under when he perjured himself to Congress regarding his communication with Russian officials? That rule of law?

I mean it’s interesting. We do have laws, but they become totally meaningless when you insist that they only apply to the opposing political party and not your own.

Pubs are breaking all the same laws Dems are breaking in the exact same ways, so all of this “lock her up” and emails, emails, emails meanwhile Mike Pence is on AOL? And not a single batted eye among any Pubs.

People who are not deeply affiliated with either side can see the rank and rampant corruption on both sides, and are sick of hearing one side attack the other. We are going on nearly sixteen years of this idiotic bs. No one wants to hear it anymore. We want things, good things, to get done. Enough of the mud slinging

Working with the Light!

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