The Soviet Union? Really? That hasn’t been a thing for what? A good 30 years…and communism failed too. No one said it didn’t.

Capitalism and Communism, (the way the Russians did it) were the same damn thing, except the communism was less efficient. But why do you think the Russians make such amazing capitalist? Cause they were doing capitalism the whole time.

There is no rage. Just truth you don’t want to deal with. It comes across as rage because the truth hurts. But when you come up with slick ways to justify the belief that black lives don’t Matter, my response is always the truth, painful as that maybe for so many white people to hear. I’m just telling the truth about why you don’t want black lives to matter…and you know it’s true…cause you don’t deny any of it.

At least you are being honest.

Working with the Light!

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