The takeaways at the end were awesome. I just found the rest of this article incredibly depressing. I don’t work in tech so, it’s surprising to me that an industry that I would imagine would be so cutting edge and innovative, is just as prehistoric as say the banking industry with regard to gender equality issues. I found the image of Kanye West usurping Taylor Swift’s moment to be appropriate, to your article context.

Just because Kanye is a black man, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t exercise male privilege. Also wealth negates a lot of racism out of any wealthy black person’s experience, so while racism is a problem for most black people (such that they would want to jump up and snatch the microphone away from a white person), it’s not a problem for Kanye, at least not so much that it would justify that behavior. Still, the image is a little disingenuous, (which is to say not necessarily about Kanye expressing his male privilege) because Kanye has consistently been incredibly obnoxious, to just whoever, for any old reason. In that particular instance, he actually considered himself to be standing up for a believed Beyonce snub, so it could be argued that he believed he was battling racism. (Still inappropriate. It was Taylor Swift’s moment. He had no right to just bumrush the stage, and start talking about whatever he wanted to talk about. WTF?)

The image capture exactly how plenty of women feel when they are silenced or drowned out, over-talked, or have ideas stolen by men. So the image was apt to illustrate exactly the concepts you are expressing here, although the actual facts (surrounding the image) aren’t exactly the same as the workforce gender inequality issues most working women are facing. (Because they are celebrities…he was way out of order, also dealing with some substance abuse issues.) Still, it’s not hard to imagine a Kanye alpha male type, doing this to some incredibly hardworking professional woman and getting away with it. No one would bat an eye.

I mean isn’t it crazy how a woman can propose something amazing in a meeting, be completely ignored, and her male colleague will say the exact same thing - and I mean the exact same thing, two seconds later and be greeted with an incredibly enthusiastic response? WTF is that?

And my thing, is, if you are a man, who (and some men do) consistently do this, don’t you feel stupid? Doesn’t your need to piggyback off of someone else’s creativity and intelligence make you question your lack off (creativity and intelligence), ever? I lack respect for people who parasite off of the intelligence and creativity of others, no matter who they are; and I believe, at the end of the day, they lack respect for themselves.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!