The thing is this just about describes anyone and everyone in positions of power, in one way or another. It is all gray really, because if given the opportunity, there are always those who rape, pillage,enslave etc…and then the people getting raped, pillage and enslaved end up getting really pissed off, eventually they start fighting back and an endless cycle continues.

Americans need to be more informed on what our nation’s foreign policy actually has been. To be blind to it, is to just be woefully ignorant regarding any number of international threats that exist because of our own foreign policy. To be overly concerned about ISIS is an attempt to inform oneself a little to late. Instead of being so concerned about ISIS, we should have been concerned about the conditions and situations that created ISIS. We should have voted against them; and we sort of did. That’s a whole other topic of discussion.

My point is throwing any of this into a category labeled good or bad is really simplistic, and more importantly not likely to change a damn thing, stop any violence, end any wars or discourage ISIS or any group like that any time soon. This is pointless.

The best thing any of us can do right now is to really understand just who benefits from keeping the entire world in such a state of war and chaos and fear. Who benefits? Who makes trillions off of it? How and why? Who suffers as a result? (Mostly ordinary people all over the world. Certainly the troops, experiencing suicide at alarming rates, quiet as this is kept.)

As for people who love to say, the world is safer than it has ever been, I challenge that statement. I’d like to see the evidence ( though I doubt such evidence could be developed for such a statement.) Other evidence shows that more people were killed via war and technology during the 20th century than during any time in human history.

And so…is that good or bad? Hard to say. So many variables, so many shades of gray, so little understanding of what’s really happening on the planet and why.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!