The whole problem with the “It’s just business” response is that it can be used to justify a whole host of atrocities, who is responsible for the housing crisis? Businesses! Mortgage companies, and people who worked for them had three really lucrative opportunities to overlend. Yes many people lost their 🏡 as a result, but yeah, it’s all business. It seems like with the just business justification there is this ability to overlook any immoral behavior on Trump’s part, meanwhile an almost obsessed interest in immorality on Clinton’s part. Nevertheless, I can understand the desire to do this, it’s all emotiona based. Trump supporters identify with Trump and they think, if I had just had better breaks I would be Trump. They feel like they are voting for their luckier, richer selves and who wouldn’t want to do that. Trump is perceived is being this hardworking self made business man, but that’s not really accurate.

Clinton is undoubtedly for the corporation, but Trump actually IS the corporation. So when she takes issues with the big corporate influences have profited of the little man or woman’s pain, she is actually taking issue with everything Trump is — and saying hey, it’s okay. Trump gets a pass because it’s just business. It’s not a logical or rational decision. But given everything she’s been through I can certainly understand it. She’s probably thinking, “I refuse to vote for what got me here.” At the same time, she’s kind of blindly voting for other, not taking the time to consider will voting against Hillary, take me to a worse place? I think women of any race should be concerned about Trumps treatment of women, not just because of Trump but because of the consistent message that Trump has sent to everyone that women are insignificant and not to be respected. There are literally millions of young impressionable men who will take that message to heart and act accordingly. Because of Trump I guarantee that rape and domestic abuse are on the rise everywhere in America- even from men who don’t support Trump. Those ideas are like a virus, they are not going to stay within the party lines. I just had a group of young men watching TV in my home, viciously attacking a female character for being “fat, stupid and dumb.” I pointed out that none of the characters on the show, made good decisions. Nevertheless the attack on the character continued relentlessly. Could it be that they have been watching a presidential candidate do this for months on end, without being challenged in any meaningful way, and often even applauded for it? Yes. Does that impact them? Sure. Now relentlessly attacking women for how they look and speak is a thing. Every woman in America should know if you vote for Trump, you are voting for THAT. So I just don’t see how any woman can fail to see how voting for Trump is self defeating. But with that said, a lot of women don’t see it and are proudly voting for Trump.


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