The word “cunt” it had to show up. Extremely hateful. Extremely disrespectful to all women. This is what you want your readers to be about Caitlin Johnstone? These are the kinds of comments you want attached to your stories? My point is, and it is a valid one, I am sick of this shift! I am sick of all the ranting, foaming at the mouth technical lynch mobs, still doing the Trump thing, even when Trump himself isn’t doing it! He’s not gonna lock her up!

And you know who and what is disingenuous? Anyone who goes super hard against one parties corruption, while completely ignoring the other sides and suggesting they are better. Cause ain’t no hands clean in these reindeer games, not a one. Trump just did a what? Billion dollar deal weapons deal with the Saudis? He’s so much better than Hillary though! WTF? Yeah, right. Anybody who waste their time, defending or attacking any of these f@ckers, doesn’t begin to have a clue as to what’s really going on. You are being pimped, you are being conned. Get a clue.

Working with the Light!

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