Then they should have been brought in to testify, or at a minimum submitted statements. Mark Judge, for example, did submit a letter saying he didn’t recall the event, but also stated he doesn’t recall many things, as he has struggled with addiction.

His letter, is not an affidavit, and usually that rules out it’s use in legal proceedings. Anyone can write a letter, but an affidavit requires a notary. A notary ensures that it is actually Mark Judge submitting the statement and not a fraud or forgery.

However, Mark Judge is also said to be struggling with cancer, in which case, he may be dying. Deathbed statements are granted leniency with regard to the rules of evidence, which are very strict about hearsay. Technically, a letter, that is not an affidavit, violates the rules of hearsay.

Evidence is an entire course in law school — and it hard. I got a C in evidence, which I worked my ass off for, because like I said, the rules of evidence are difficult. But concept behind the rules of evidence, is that people need to show up and testify, and if they don’t, only certain things can be admitted into evidence, like for example affidavits. THE EVIDENCE IS OUT THERE…but only skilled investigators know how to get it, and that’s why so many calls for the FBI to get involved. It’s what they do. They can locate the evidence, if they want to.

Everyone knows for sure, that an individual named Mark Judge is alleged to be involved. A good investigator would not close this case until he got a statement from Mark Judge and verified his whereabouts as alleged by Dr. Ford. She claimed he was working at Safeway during the time the attack occurred. Whether or not he ever worked at Safeway, and when can be EASILY verified by FBI or IRS.

If he never worked there…that’s a strike against Dr. Ford and a credit for Judge Kavanaugh.

If he did work there, this corroborates Dr. Ford’s testimony, and pulls a definite timeline into existence, which can be checked against Judge Kavavaugh’s calendars.

Collecting, examining and weighing evidence is like putting together a puzzle. It can be done, it’s just not easy.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!