There are nothing but games in the media with attempts to control everyone. That is what the media does. That is what it was designed for. That doesn’t mean that these games aren’t funny as hell to watch. Especially now. It’s hysterical!

I think Trump is brilliant at controlling the media, as a Con. Not so much as a Prez. If he had nothing to hide with all this Russia stuff, then he just shouldn’t have fired Comey now. Just let the thing ride out, because now there’s more of a story and it doesn’t matter if Comey was investigating the Russia stuff or not, the perception that he was is clearly out there. And as every good Con knows, perception is reality.

No Trump isn’t so brilliant that he strategizes around getting dogs to chase their own tails. That’s not what Trump does. Trump uses the media to exalt himself to higher and higher statuses. He’s damn good at that. But that’s his one very well developed skill, steeped in narcissism, and it doesn’t serve him well as the President. He’s at the top level that in this country and the world. There is nowhere else for him to go, except down. He is stunned, that he has to deal with so much backlash and ridicule for everything that he does…the media knows this about him, and they play him. All the time. As far as the media playing Trump, well that’s sort of the deal that he made with that devil. They made him and now they will try to break him. The media does that to everyone. No reason he should be exempt and its ridiculous for people to whine and cry about it. That’s what the media does, same as always.

So maybe it’s true, that Comey’s firing had nothing to do with the Russia probe and everything to do with Hillary and her emails (wink, wink.) If that was the case, he should have stayed out of it and let the Rodenstein really build a case against Comey for a proper termination, not send out some half-cocked termination letter that specifically mentions how Trump was told by Comey that he is was not under investigation!!!! Amateur hour! Geez! The letter sounds like it was written by a three year old!

Then Comey hears about his termination, on the television, while addressing FBI officials?!?!?!? Is there anyone in the White House who has a clue as to how terminations are typically handled? Here’s a clue — you don’t want the media doing it for you!!! That’s a real simple rule. You want to control that story, or really ensure that it’s not a story at all! Because once that story get’s out, it’s going to be a problem!

Then, the fall out sends press secretary Spicer scurrying into the bushes because he can’t answer questions about it! (Hysterical! The sheer incompetence!)

Like that’s not the way you fire ANYONE, much less an FBI Director!

Brilliance is not incompetence. These are not one and the same, but I get it. The Trumpsters love him so, they want to believe that it is. Have at it.

Working with the Light!