There are thousands if not millions of incredibly accurate definitions of what authorianism is. (You just won yourself a bonafide troll! Shouldn’t have started with me with that Candace Owens bs…now I have to break your brain.)

Trump fits that definition perfectly, no I’m guessing you want a new definition cause you are so deep up Trump ass you eat metaphorical Trump shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Don’t you ever want anything else to eat?

Let me tell you how you justify your rigid conservative world view, you pay attention to only the information YOU PREFER, while ignoring entire libraries of information that dispute it.

The world is not black and white, it’s just endless and infinite shades of gray -but you write this little silly simple poem, attempting to distill the entire world into rigid black and white form:

Guns good!

Abortion bad!

WTF age is your brain? 2???

Nothing in the whole wide world is this damn simple…there are 1001 complexities involved in debating both of those issues: getting a gun, or getting an abortion. Either way, your plan IS to harm life…the only issue is the justifications you wanna present. True justifications on gun ownership on the right:

I’m a white man, who fears a lot of things, cause I have done a lot of dirt! I have raped people, enslave people, killed people gleefully! I’m scared karma is coming…I’m scared these people will come for me! But not if I kill them first!! I need a gun!!

Which is why the guns are such a huge constitutional 2A right — except NOT FOR BLACK MEN!!! Oh no them there rules are all different!!! Then the rules MUST CHANGE!!!!

How quickly the rules changed when the black panthers did open carry at the California state capital!!!! Those laws had to CHANGE!!!!!

Fuckjn lying racist ass, hypocrite PUBS!! THE NONSTOP RACIST HYPOCRISY IS ASTOUNDING!!!!!!!!

Putting your shit on BLAST, so everyone can see through it.

Okay, let’s go left now. I want an abortion! Why would you want to do that? This is your baby? You want to kill it why? Because I’m a teenager. My home is abusive. If my stepdad finds out I got pregnant he will beat my senseless! He did it before, and all he did was catch me boinking my boyfriend!

Well maybe there are other options. What other options?!?!? You see how crazy these people are! I gotta get out of this place!!! I have a shot! I’m smart! If I could just get to college, get an education, I think I can make it on my own, but a baby would ruin all of this!

And that’s a true story of a friend of mine who got an abortion.

Now let’s do Pub hypocrisy. If she had had that baby, poor and black, the baby would not have been able to get what he needed, and would have likely ended up a criminal (many teen mother offspring do end up criminals — freakonomics explains the phenomenon.) So the black baby boy grows up to be George Floyd and the “pro life” Pubs bend over backwards trying to explain why it’s cool for them to murder him gleefully.

We see through all of your sick, sick, demented, disgusting anti-life shit!!!!!!

You are not pro-life, you are pro white male life, and only under certain conditions. You keep them white woman on lock, staying brainwashed and having babies, cause when they start thinking they realize they’re getting a raw deal with y’all…and they don’t want it.

Times up. Time is UP. No one is falling for your shit anymore…except Candace Owens….and she’s just cashing checks.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!