There is a book out now, receiving much critical acclaim, called American War. Apparently, it is about an American Civil war between the North and South over the use of oil. The North wanted the oil gone and the South wanted to keep it. Basically, a repeat of the first American Civil War, except instead of slavery, the issue was oil.

Until I read this article, and saw a comment by a Lousianan, I thought this was a preposterous idea. Why would we be fighting over failing technology replacing better technology? Now I see. Because the South will lose. The South has invested big in oil. It’s now difficult for the South to embrace these technology changes away from oil. I hope it doesn’t result in War, but now I am beginning to understand why there is such a deep resistance to green technology. It really is the same North v. South story. The North was always ahead of the curve technologically. Well, thanks for helping me understand. I thought the premise of this book was bizarre. Turns out it is right on point.

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