There is a difference between not being “loving and caring” and “showing a stunning lack of humanity.”

Cmon now! Don’t spin what she said. What she said is super disturbing and it needs to be heard.

Most judges aren’t loving or caring, but they do have a sense of basic human decency. A “stunning lack of humanity” is a very serious indictment indeed. It suggests that the man is a psychopath, as these are the only kinds of individuals who have a “stunning lack of humanity.”

She doesn’t seem the type to make that kind of statement lightly either. I wasn’t even paying attention to this issue, until I read her statement. It’s immensely disturbing that a senator would say such a thing about a Supreme Court nominee, and even more disturbing that it’s probably true. If it is true, why would ANYONE want this guy on the bench? I’m just curious. It seems like a lot of people want him there, what for?

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