There is no single objective “reality.” This is an extraordinarily arrogant statement to make. Everyone experiences “reality” differently based on what their 5 senses and other senses (yes some people have additional senses than the 5) report back to their brain as reality.

Arguably there is a “consensual reality” something that everyone agrees to, ordinary fire burns wood, but not metal.

But everyone doesn’t agree to that reality. There are undoubtedly some people for whom that simply isn’t true.

But my point is, there is no objective reality…there are certain powers that will try to force their version of reality, but these days, that is breaking down at a phenomenal rate. Everyone seems to have their own personal view of reality. “Reality” is less consensual than it has ever been. People are believing whatever the hell they want to believe and conspiracy theories of every nature abound.

I believe there is some truth to almost all of them. What I mean by that is these people are responding to information that is problematic, and then they do fill in gaps with other information that probably is not true. And then they believe their theories as if they are fact; and espouse them as fact, and that is problematic.

But, this is their “reality.” There is just no denying that. And when thousands agree to this reality, in a sense, it becomes real. Especially if no questioning of that “reality” is permitted. This us how cults maintain their hold on people for so long. Those cult beliefs become people’s reality. There is a lot of this going on right now.

But the more people who get into this cult like worship of whatever beliefs they hold, the more entrenched these people are in that “reality.”

It is not a matter of them being divided from “reality.” It is a matter of then not participating in your reality. They don’t care. They have their own reality…and the fact that you don’t believe in it matters not. Ironically enough, people are not considered “crazy” when there are millions who believe in the same “reality” as they do.

Right now we have several of people believing that mass arrests of many global politicians is occurring right now.

It seems like a pretty kooky belief to me (but admittedly, I’ve not really looked into this. I have no facts in support of, or against to offer.)

Here is what I do know, though, to these people, this is “Reality.” There are thousands who will confirm this reality for them.

For them this is real, and sure you can call them crazy. They will call you crazy.

My point is it is no longer the case that there is a single consensual reality. Reality is what people believe it to be. People are believing all sorts of different things these days.

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