There is plenty going on, unfortunately no one knows exactly what. Lots of people are lying for reasons that are entirely unclear, but something that should bother everyone is the Flynn guy blatantly lies, about rather serious stuff with regard to foreign policy, and no one knows why. This is a serious problem. And yet people with short attention spans are bored with the story and don’t want to wait until someone figures out what the hell is going on. Our political system has been deeply compromised, that much is clear. To the point of no return, really. Regardless of whatever your political affiliation is, you should take issue with being lied to, by elected or appointed officials. You should want to get to the bottom of it. This whole: there’s no story here, just isn’t true.

I watched the hearing, because I wanted to see and hear for myself my government in action. It was disturbing.

At best, people in the Trump administration are incompetent and have no idea how to follow appropriate protocols to keep America safe from infiltration from foreign interests. At worst, they just don’t care to, because dealing with foreign interests is very lucrative, and they know exactly what they are doing and are just pissy for getting caught. Either way, none of this is good news for the average American no matter what your political affiliation.

Working with the Light!

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