There is plenty of evidence that Trump was a criminal con, before he even took office!!!! This is is a ridiculous conversation that there is “no evidence” that he is 20 times as crooked as Hill.

I am not partisan! But I am not an idiot fool either!!!!! And yes! People think most Trump supporters are deeply racist and sexist because they would rather have a white criminal conartist for a President that an upstanding Black man or a woman!

It is not about the parties! There are Pubs that I actually like! Pubs like McCain. He is decent. Elizabeth Dole, remember her? Oh, probably not. She’s a woman, I’m guessing you don’t.

So for ME it’s never been about the parties. I am smart enough to realize they are two sides of the same damn coin. If you think otherwise you’re falling for a con. And clearly you are. At the end of the day, Trump and Hill have each other’s back! (Did he lock her up? Hell no! Cause it’s all a con. It’s all for show.) Trump and Hill have done far more for each other than either one will ever do for you.

But you’re the one too brainwashed to see the truth.

And hey, I hope Trump stays in office! I really do! Because he is completely hemming up the Pubs, and the Pubs running the Congress now are grimey!!!! Trump’s not with them, he’s all for himself, and watching him disrupt those Pubs is delightful! I love it!

But I do not like him pimping the USA to Russia, to Saudi Arabia, to whoever he wants just so he can make a buck! So yeah, I am glad he is being investigated for that! Trump does all kinds of shady things with money. Always has and always will. He needs someone looking over him and reigning his crookedness in. It’s working out perfectly, actually. Trump checks the Pubs, independent Investigators and the media check Trump. And yeah CNN hates him for no good reason. Just like Fox hated Obama for no good reason. So you are right, you get exactly what you give when you play that Dem/Pub game. Everything right media did to Obama, left media is doing to Trump. And you want to be outraged? You should be thankful you have two types of media, that way if you look hard enough you can find the truth. But the real truth mostly goes unreported, like the Opioid crisis, do you even care? Answer the question! You won’t answer the question because you don’t want to think critically about what is happening to people in this country! You don’t want to think about how they are suffering and your Pubs could care less. You don’t want to face it. You are the one who has been programmed.

It’s not a partisan thing, but a crook thing. They are all crooks, I can see it clearly. You are the one holding on to partisan lies and falsehoods. You are the one who falls for the con that one is good and one is bad. They are both terrible! The issue is which is worst.

Trump calling Hillary a crook is a pot kettle situation. Enough about Hillary, it’s time to pay attention to what the crooks in power are doing.

Working with the Light!

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