There was a scientist who gave a google talk, a while back, I want to say at least six years ago, that basically said distributed networks were what would save us from neoliberalism and the global economic crash. The only difference from what you’re saying and what he’s saying is that he was referring to energy as opposed to information or political movements.

Still, his point about energy distribution of the future, was that it would occur via these cooperative networks (and that’s what he called them but his imagery was very similar to yours. Maybe a bit more gridlike, though.)

His point was that energy would be created in small cells that connected to other small cells and once everything was all connected, we would have more than enough energy — enough clean energy- to power the world appropriately.

Practically, I have no idea how this could or would work, but the thought stuck with me, because he kept insisting that what was happening with information via the Internet, would eventually spread to other areas; and it makes sense that it would. The fact that information is so easily and readily available, has already transformed, disrupted, destroyed and created entire industries.

So we see the impact that easily available information (or disinformation) has in politics. But what about energy? What about food and wealth distribution? I think it has become increasingly clear due to energy problems and climate disruption that food needs to be on a distributed network, rather than centralized or decentralized networks (with the food all grown in certain places and shipped everywhere.) This is a waste of energy and factory farming, with its gmo seeds and rampant pesticide use, produces tasteless, cancer causing food.

In cities there is this movement toward growing food within the city, that is, I think a critical innovation that needs to happen considering what is going on with the climate (factory farming is taking all kinds of hits because of climate change, or whatever you want to call it. I don’t particularly care, the point is the California and Texas droughts have drastically impacted both the beef and produce industries.

Also oil production, which drives utterly everything in this industrial global economy, is running out. We are going to have to replace all the energy that will be lost. I don’t know how distributed network could help out with this, but if it’s possible, we need to do it. Now, before all the dirty energy runs out.

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