These are all great points-except The part about a trump being successful without the government. He filed for bankruptcy, several times. How is it that so many are able to just overlook and disregard that? Filing for bankruptcy is basically where you say , hey government I’m a rich business person who wants to keep all my stuff, make all the people I owe money to go away. And the government does just that. For the most part, none of our politicians are squeaky clean, the nature of the game is dirty, it’s just a matter of how dirty. There is ample dirt for all involved, left right and all of them, all are for getting money in their pockets first, looking out for constituents second, if at all — and facism- getting people all riled up in hell and hate, is an awesome distraction tactic, for the real ballers, the movers, the shakers, the money makers and consolidators. On the global stage, Trump and Clinton are really small time puppets, probably being paid to stir certain fascist pots, both right and left, for a much bigger global agenda. Facism was never about race, to my understanding, but more about a might is right, kill anyone who disagrees with the fist or reads and feels and thinks. It’s the politics of idiots — and idiots are everywhere- all over the spectrum. Using that definition Trump definitely seems more facist than Hillary, at least on the surface. But Hitlarian facism has evolved into a more manipulative, undercover, war against drugs and terror kind of facism, where it’s like, “oh no we’re doing really good things, when we snatch people up and kill them in the middle of the night! We gotta do it, for the greater good.” Bottom line — people are sick of all of it.

Working with the Light!

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