These are ridiculous, tricksy, conartistsy, word games.

But you’re right to point out that Honest loyalty could mean a lot of different things, but in Trump’s mind, all it meant was Comey would do as Trump wished.

But to Comey…it was a loophole. Lawyers and legal types love language loopholes. They make careers out of exploiting them.

Trump’s language and mind games have been perfected upon the intellectually unsophisticated. With Comey, Trump tried the Same con. This con has worked for Trump, time and time again.

But Comey’s no fool. He has checkmated this con, very publicly. Since “honest loyalty” can be any thing that’s honest, no one can definitely say Comey did not provide that while under Trump leadership. Comey is smart enough to know that. Even the Fox pundits struggle to dismantle the Comey “honest loyalty” conundrum.

More word games.

“Honest disloyalty.” That’s what Comey provided, so says some ridiculous Fox pundit.

Here is the trap — to call Comey dishonest is to dismiss what Comey has said about Trump that works to Trump’s advantage. And there is some Comey stuff that Trump and Co want to cling to. It’s a mixed bag.

Furthermore, Comey doesn’t appear to be dishonest. He has a track record. He has a reputation. Trump called him a nutcase…no one else would jump on that train, not even Paul Ryan. It was defamation of character. I hope Comey sues Trump and I hope he gets paid very well. That bull in a China shop act is cute on reality TV, but not so much when you are arbitrarily destroying the careers of agents in one of the most powerful law enforcement agencies in the country.

Some of Comey’s admissions (leaking to the press, meeting with DOJ’s Lynch) are damaging to Comey. Yet he did not lie about them (as Trump does ad naseam when confronted with damaging information about himself.)

So…honest loyalty was what Trump wanted, that was the deal. Honest loyalty was what he got…but oh…what a bad deal that was…for Trump.

The issue I have with your analysis here, is that has been built on a flawed premise and that premise is that you are analyzing the behavior of two reasonable people and straightforward people, when all the evidence suggest that you are not.

Comey didn’t make that mistake. When asked why he took copious notes when dealing with Trump, he explained that he made the decision based on a few factors, one of which being the character of the Trump. And, he basically said, Trump is deceitful.

Trump is extremely crafty, and that is putting it mildly. Comey is cunning, and that’s probably too negative a term for him. There is only a slight difference in these approaches, but there is a difference..I would say the primary difference is in the level of sophistication with regard to the utilization of deceptive methods. Trump lives and breathes deceit. Comey uses it as a weapon of last resort, and very sparingly.

Trump entrenching deeply into his lies is never baffling, as you suggested. It is his typical M.O.. Why are you pretending otherwise?

Trump’s reliance on deception as a means to an end, is unlike anything we’ve seen in a president in modern times. But, it is pretty well established, to the point that it cannot be baffling. When you claim to be baffled by it, I am baffled by your bafflement.

I just tire of the peddling of the fantasy that Trump is in honest, upstanding, decent etc. and the ridiculous idea that he is not a liar when there is relentless evidence to the contrary.

Trump lies. A LOT. When you have legions of people trying to pretend otherwise, it’s like nation level gaslighting, and irritating isn’t even the word. One starts to fell as if they are inhabiting the nation along side a bunch of drug addicts…and I guess we are. The drug is Trump.

Probably you simply want to appear reasonable, balanced, fair…benefit of the doubt giving, to both parties. And I understand that but, when one of the parties is clearly undeserving, it undermines the integrity of your inquiry.

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