These Orwellian Times

From Conspiracy Theories to Constant Surveillance Reality is Getting Really Weird

Reality is getting weird. Really weird. It just is and some people are hardly noticing this at all.

Photo by Arno Senoner on Unsplash

The Matrix Orientation

Is it just me, or are we slowly being inducted into the Matrix? You remember the Matrix…that Wachowski sisters 90s block-buster film where all the humans were warehoused in these huge facilities where they were being used as batteries for AI? How did that happen? We never did get a nuts and bolts explanation of how that came to be. I am thinking, it happened some what voluntarily.

How much time are you spending in a virtual reality? I mean admittedly, VR is very 1.0 right now, if that…and for me, it’s not very much fun spending any time there. Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Zoom, Netflix Watchparties, I just don’t get it. Nothing is like the real thing, living a real life, in say, an organic reality.

But due to COVID-19, if you want to have a social life, at all, these days, you really have to be inside this preliminary, basic Matrix of sorts. The COVID-19 pandemic has moved a huge percentage of human social interaction online, to various social media applications; and while we are in these applications, we are being surveilled, and closely. Big Tech can just loves to do that, so that’s definitely happening.

And even if you are diehard, trying to stay off the grid (yes there are such folks) not a fan of virtual social interactions, these days social interaction without tech, requires social distancing which makes it largely pointless. You can’t really interact with people fully, if you have to keep your distance from them and wear a mask.

And some of us, (especially the Millienials and younger) actually like being inside the Matrix. Check out the 15 minute short film “Hashtag” on the Dust YouTube channel.

This film sort of captures how I am feeling these days, g confined to a little box, where I work and play, alone, with millions of others who are doing the same. This is weird! Admit it. The reality is getting weird! Are our homes becoming cages? And how soon before we can all expect to be linked up to an ever present, sort of Big Brother system, capturing and monetizing our every expression (for the luckiest amongst us, who knows what is in store for those of us not so lucky?) Being an Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok or YouTube celebrity is the stuff of lottery dreams now. But where is it leading? Does it end up in this “Hashtag” black mirror nightmare?

Conspiracy Theory’s Galore

These are times when we believe almost nothing the mainstream media puts out, if it’s not our flavor. And yet, we will believe almost everything else! There are all kinds of propaganda Koolaid offered up for consumption, what’s your favorite flavor? I don’t like orange.

And propaganda is best friends with conspiracy. Thus, we have conspiracy theories galore! Grounded in healthy doses of propaganda. We are talking UFOs and plandemics and all kinds of false flags. We have master plans going into effect, government lockdowns as a means of vast wealth redistribution to establish a “One World Order” or a “New World Order,” or a “New World Disorder” or “the Matrix.”

We are being force fed images of dystopias and Democratic cities on fire, due to George Soros BLM Marxism. We are being warned about fervently cultish Qanon McCarthyism, being manipulated by a White Hat super secret shadow military - that is going to expose everything. WWG1WGA, it’s a JFK thing, you wouldn’t understand it. But if you can’t get with the program, you might find yourself in a cage at the border (with those other kids Qanon isn’t interested in saving), until you learn to properly adore Messiah Trump.

We have fears about microchips and nanochips inside of mandatory vaccines, that will ultimately operate in such a way as to control our personal and private body functions, resulting in this catastrophe that happens to this young woman below, in the sci-fi Dust short, “Nano.”

Oh, and we don’t even dare to consider what AI is up to…or how it will change absolutely everything; even who we love, or who love us. Consider this, love birds or lab rats?

It is a brave new world. One where no one really knows wtf is happening. Okay, maybe someone, or a certain set of somebodies, included in a very small, very powerful elitest inner circle know wtf is happening,

The traditional streams of information aren’t trustworthy, and the vacuum has been filled, with conspiracy theorists and their theories. They are all just guessing and speculating about the real plans of government, corporations, and other nefarious power brokers.

It’s all getting really weird. But perhaps you are to engrossed in the trappings of your celebrity cybercage, (with your AI lover who used nano technology to titillate you) to notice.

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