They are safer than they would be if the guns were around, that’s for damn sure.

What are the annual murder rates for London? Check them against NYC and I bet there is no comparison. This argument has been made time and time again.

We have a huge number of guns floating around America and this simply leads to Americans killing Americans, you don’t have to fear the ISIS boogeyman, blowing up the Golden Gate bridge, it’s probably your neighbor John who will take you out accidentally with a gun.

The guns don’t make you safer, actually less so. Especially law enforcement. Especially anyone in the public eye who doesn’t have a ton of money to spend on security. That is what this last altercation has shown everyone, everywhere.

With all the guns floating around, with all the people expertly trained in this area, (remember the D.C. Sniper? Maybe not.) guns are definitely making everyone less safe. And, as I said before, there is no solution to the problem, at this point. Too many guns out there, on the streets. Lots of illegal ones.

A lot of our current problems are beyond the solution phase. If you want to believe that guns are going to keep you safe, you can indulge that particular fantasy. I’m not trying to take that from you. It’s just that I know, logistically, it is a fantasy. I know what happens to neighborhoods flooded with illegal guns, and I know that this has been happening for the past 30 years at least.

At a certain point, who knows when, the gun situation will explode in America. Then, there will be no more law and order. Just a whole lot of guns.

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