They are when you are a black person asserting them in white America...don't you get it Shannon? Black people exist only to serve and make white lives more comfortable, they supposed to be thier slaves for God sakes! And whenever any major American institution strays from this narrative...just a lil bit...the blowback from white America is INSANE!

Our first black president...HALF of white America LOSES ITS SHIT and finds the most corrupt, pathetic, incompetent, unexceptional, racist, sexist, narccistic, sociopathic, fucking obnoxious, white man in American to run for president AND ELEVATES HIM TO GOD STATUS.

So yeah...white America GOT ISSUES when it comes to race...and if you suggest a black man is a human being OMG...they kinda lose their collective goddamn minds. I knew America was racist....BUT Trump and I am like GODDAMN...I did not know it was this fucking RACIST!

The country went to HELL AND BACK because half of white America cannot cope with the idea of a Black man (Tan really) competent enough to be an American President and a pretty good one at far as American presidents go.

But...just wanna say, I appreciate you using you platform to speak more honestly and eloquently about race than most white people could ever dream of doing.

When white people talk about race, they typically sound like they mean well, but don't know what they're talking about (non Trumpsters) OR the most uninformed ignorant, deluded, stupid, hateful people on the planet (Trumpsters, fo shizzle, fo sho)

But actually sound like you have a basic idea of what's up. Not a deep or nuanced view of what's really up, but a basic one...which puts you LIGHT YEARS ahead of most of white Americans.

What's up with you? What's your deal? Do you have any idea how rare this is, among your kinfolk?

Working with the Light!

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